Scans of WT vs. bound volume: Paul saying work finished "by end of 20th century" changed to "in our time"

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  • tomrobbins

    Ray Publisher -another great find! Thanks.

    Leolaia, thanks for the additional information! Hope all is well with you.

  • undercover

    An article printed in 1989 that says in the original version "...a work that would be completed in the 20th century" vs the reprint that says, "...a work that would be completed in our day".

    Back in 1990 or so, that's a pretty big change. Now, in 2012, twenty three years later, it's not so significant. This article is going to become a lot like the 1984 WT cover that proclaimed, "1914 - The Generation That Will Not Pass Away", meaning that in another 10 years or so, that "our day" will have passed into history without that work having been completed. Just another failed prophecy - just like the 1984 WT.

  • botchtowersociety

    Looks like Winston Smith changed the old article at the Ministry of Truth and threw the original down the memory hole.

  • moshe

    The vast majority of JWs will just yawn over this discovery and go back to sleep.

  • sabastious

    Someone who has the actual 1989 magazine should make a video showing the physical magazine being opened and being turned to the right page. Because the JPG's could have just been digitally altered.


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  • BluesBrother

    Re the 1989 Wt.... We had a Tuesday group study back in the early nineties and were talking afterwards (as you do) One old sister said how comforting it was to know that The Society promised the end within the 20th Cent. We looked a little incredulous and she insisted that she had the magazine at home and often looked at it for comfort . She gave the date of it and the householder (Keen young M/S) got his bound volume. Of course it said different.

    Poor old Sis was shocked but insisted that her mag said what it said. The keen young M/S got his car out , took her home to get it and they returned. We were all shocked to see that the original had said "within the 20th Century" but the bound volume had been doctored.....

    The keen Bro actually wrote to The Society and asked why his volume was not an exact facsimile copy, which he understood it to have been. They wrote back and said that on reflection it was felt that the statement was not the best way of putting it, and they felt it better to change it.

    Such was our cognitive dissonance at the time that we all thought that this was more funny than worrying.......doh!

  • sir82

    Didn't Barbara Anderson write about this a few years ago?

    IIRC, it was something like this: Some old-timer on the Bethel writing department managed to slip his personal opinion about the "20th century" into the article. The peer reviewers all had less seniority than him, and so figured "it must be OK if Brother So ansd So wrote it.". The GB member who was in charge of the writing department never bothered to check the article before it was sent to the printer. When phone calls and letters starting flowing in, asking about "within our 20th century", Brother So an So got reamed out by the higher-ups. To correct the "error", they changed the bound volume & (eventually) the WT-CD.

    If I am remembering the account more or less correctly, it rather deflates the notion that "spiritual food" comes from the "anointed", as none of the "anointed" even bothered to read the article until several million had been printed and distributed.


    Happiness book was writting something similar. So that time another young boy told me that he asked an elder to make sure that the end would come before 2000 and the elder confirmed it.

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