Please sign the petition to remove tax free status from religious cults that shun!

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  • james_woods
    "I have a Dream!" said Martin Luther King JR.
    "NO, you don't!" said most people and killed him.

    UHHMMMM - OK. Do you have anything to say on the topic at hand here?

  • blindnomore

    What else I can say more? Besides what I have already posted in related threads including this one.

    Who am I to say you can't have a dream.

    Who am I to run over the Tiananmen Square Protester.

    Let the men be!

  • james_woods
  • ProdigalSon

    Thanks for posting this. It's hard to believe. I actually had to do a triple take on the http location in my web address bar to make sure it wasn't bogus because I couldn't believe my eyes. Something like this could be the end of the Watchtower, and it would take an extraordinary performance in artfully contrived horse manure for them to blame this on "persecution from Satan" when the basis of it is their own hatred.

    I signed it and I posted it on my facebook page. I have dozens of ex-jw's on my friends list and hopefully they will sign it too.

  • ABibleStudent

    Good Work ProdigalSon!!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • NewChapter

    I've commented on this on another thread, but what the heck? We cannot put government in the position of choosing favored religions. We don't WANT to do that---trust me. I'm all for the government taxing all religions, just because I think so much of what they do is not charitable. That will never happen, and I accept that. However, I am completely against government choosing WHICH religions get to be tax exempt.

    Yes the constitution gives us protections, and one of those protections is to associate with whom we choose, and to worship as we see fit (barring some more extreme behavior). The GOVERNMENT cannot deny things to its citizens, but citizens can deny each other association. Considering we have the likes of Bachmann and Santorum on the scene, the idea of letting these people decide which religions will be favored makes me cringe. As a nonbeliever, I'm a little concerned where this kind of power would end up.

    There are other more effective ways to deal with this. Letting government decide what can and cannot be taught in the pulpits is not one of them.


  • james_woods

    ^^^ - what New Chapter said.

    The government cannot (and should not) pick and choose over which religions to give tax exemptions to.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    My Old Departed friend has been or Tried since the late 70's even on SNL!!!!

    Live Version said at the end .....

    Tax the Churches!!!................ Tax The F***K out of the Churches!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Do you notice that people approve of your goal but not the mechanism? I don't know why a third thread was necessary when the same info was posted on two very recent threads. Starting new threads seems a way of enforcing your will.

    When will the fourth and fifth appear?

    Creating new threads will not solve the inherent problems with the petition. Do you think you will convert the mind of even one member of Congress to change the IRS religous tax exemption. Harry Reid is a Mormon, a dangerous cult. He is an essential part of any legislative solution. If Romney is elected, you are guaranteed a presidential veto. Obama will never sign such legislation.

    There are too many films and novels about a young lawyer playing David taking on large firm/govt. Goliath and winning. Wishful fiction. There are concrete, beneficial things you can do but you don't consider them. Also, lawyers spend most of their time hunched over computers researching and writing legal documents. It is not exciting. I understand your goal. There are other ways to work towards it.

  • ProdigalSon

    james_woods: The government cannot (and should not) pick and choose over which religions to give tax exemptions to.

    I agree, but in this case, the government isn't picking and choosing, they are simply letting the most Pharasaical religions cut their own throats. I don't see any danger in that whatsoever.

    I just tweeted this on Twitter.

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