Any advice on how to stop attending meetings without being hounded?

by Fernando 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Dagney

    I'm all for ripping the bandaid off quickly and moving through the aftermath sooner and quicker. Everything depends on the any really "hound" anymore? All the ones I know are very busy juggling family, congregation responsibilities, life and don't do much follow up on inactive ones. Again, you would know your elders best. Mine called for about 6 mths, I just never returned the call, but I was scared during that time. It turned out fine.

    I wish you the best.

  • Stealth

    Break every dumb rule thay have that won't get you DF. Grow a beard and start asking, why is it wrong, says nothing in the bible about it to others in the congregation if anyone says anything. Jesus had one, CT russel had one.. etc. But at the same time ask to work out in FS with the elders and MS. Get a tatoo, if anyone says anything, chalenge it, show them in the bible where it says you should not have a tat, next verse says you should not cut your beard. Start making comments at the WT study on any paragraph that talks about Jesus, really talk Jesus up, talk about Jesus all the time, not Jehovah. They can't DF you for that but they will get really uncomforatable with it all and the fact that others will start questioning their stupid rules that they will be more than happy to see you leave and never come back.

    They may hassle you some, they would only let me give talks in the 3rd school in the basement, the elders and MS would stand me up for FS. Then just leave and tell everyone you were stumbled by the elders. If they kick you out of the MS, tell everyone you were stumbled by the elders.

    It worked for me. I left over 10 years ago after taking this appoach, have had the same phone number since, so the elders know my phone number, they knew where I lived for 4 years before I moved and they never called to try to get me to come back.

    They will be happy to see you go! And they can't touch you, because you never commited a DF offense.

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