Introducing myself and opinions valued please

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  • bigmac

    hi michelle & welcome to this madhouse.

    i happen to know michelle is in the UK so i'm posting this link to introduce more UK members

  • clarity

    Welcome Michelle ..... stay with us for awhile .... you'll sort things out!

    Hundreds of new 'escapees' of the wt have joined here in the last 12 months, with stories much like yours.


  • cantleave

    Hi Michelle, nice to see you here!


  • ammo

    HI Michelle,

    a warm welcome from Oz.

    Read some of the posts here, the stories are enlightening but also show you are not alone.

    The picture board sounds like a great idea, and sometimes just to write everything down-get it off your chest, than re-evaluate in about a months time.
    I think in the end we are wanting to be able to forgive, to enable our own lives to truly be less weighed down by the past and angers/hurt released. So do it for you and expect nothing- anything else is a real gift!

    Sadly for some though Denial aint just a river in Africa.

    Truly wish you all the best


  • ziddina

    Hi, Michelle!

    Welcome to the board!!

    I, too, was raised in the cult, and left around the age of 30. My parents, both Jehovah's Witnesses [JWs], were horribly abusive monsters - very dysfunctional.

    When I left, my parents - AGAINST the teachings of the Watchtower Corporation - kept trying to get in contact with me.

    I most certainly DID NOT WANT THAT. Why should I - or you - want someone in your life who wasn't even a decent parent to you?

    After years of receiving a greeting card around the date of my birthday, I finally got fed up and sent them a letter stating, in effect, that if I had not had the misfortune to be born into their miserable marriage, then I would never, ever have associated with them.

    That letter ended their efforts to get in touch with me.

    I don't understand why you'd want to get in touch with your parents? You're rid of them - why stir up the muck of that stinking swamp again???

    Unless you just want to state to them, how thoroughly rotten they were, and that you've disowned THEM forever...

    I'm afraid that such people are so blindly, stupidly selfish, however, that they will probably justify their evil actions in their own petty little minds, and you'll be cast in the role of "villian" - within their sick little minds - again.

    But if you think the letter will help your peace-of-mind, then by all means, do it.

    Just address the letter as if it had money in it, if you want the letter to be opened...

  • Bella15

    Welcome Michelle

    We're almost same age and my mom became a JW when I was 3. As far as writing to your parents, gosh my beloved, taken from my personal experience with my mom and other JW relatives, they don't care, it seems that their heart turned to one of stone, they have lost that natural bond/love, in many cases it was never developed or was twarted with that cult's indoctrination.

    I am sure you are a better person and way better mother to your children than your mom was to you; and that's A LOT to be thankful for and proud of. Keep on building upon that. Be victorious and empowered that you are not like them. You broke that cycle. They harmed you for a while but they didn't destroy you. Keep shining your LIGHT upon them (in spirit, mentally), dark forces hate the light, they couldn't stand against you and they never will ...

  • Nambo

    Hi and welcome Michelle,

    Though Iam from the South, I did spend a few years in the Stockport vacinity from 1990.

    I did have friends North of Manchester that we would often hang around with, and Ive a feeling Boston was one of the congregations.

  • MrFreeze

    Welcome to the board. Sad to say, your situation is very typical in the JW world. That's why this board is a great place because you get to see you aren't alone!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Hello Michelle and welcome to the board.

    Think About It

  • moshe

    Seems like a first person story to a Tabloid would be good way to tell JW relatives you want to be a family again- and a reporter can knock on their doors and see how they like the idea. The public needs to know how JWs destroy familes.

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