"I worked hard as a Ministerial Servant and all I got was this lousy drinking problem!"

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  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    TMS, thank you for sharing that stuff. People really need to hear this shat before they go pondering the real meaning of "holy spirit". It just seems that this holy spirit is fail-proof, even when it's "workings" cleary screw everything up.

    I've heard it so stated so damn often whenever someone get deleted or whatever that it's not holy spirit's fault, but somehow this was all part of the big game plan.

    So a JW who is secretly leading a double life gets appointed. (Holy spirit saw qualities in him, he is a "gift in men") He operates as an elder for years, making life-changing decisions that make deep impacts on people's lives such as disfellowshipping, hospital liasons, etc. But he continues to practice his "vices" in secret. (Holy Spirit allows this to continue) Then he gets caught in one of his vices and is deleted (Holy Spirit acts like It just found out and now acts to remove him and keep the congregation clean). Accounts later come out that verify that many of the decisions and actions he made while an elder were wrong and unfair. (But you can't blame Holy Spirit.)

    yup. makes total sense.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    Damn Since I left............

    Everything that was a "Problem".............

    reduced it self by 5000%..........

    NO LIE!!!!!


    It WAS the "Truth"!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr Falcon....

    always with the Great POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BroMac

    appointed by holy spirit?

    2 questions to newly apppointed MS :

    1, is their anything that you are aware of that would prevent your appointment?

    2, have you ever been involved in child abuse/molestation?

    for Q2 they apologised for asking but they had to.but if a brothers is to be reappponted then it is not neccessary to ask the child abuse question.

    im glad i know how holy spirit works in appointing MS/Elders...

    It doesnt. only


  • BroMac

    only by the qualifications in the scriptures. that is all they go off. and really that depends if your face fits

  • BroMac

    TMS - i think whatyou have described is certainly not unusual and thanks for sharing.

    nice thread Mr Falcon go easy on the sauce

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