"I worked hard as a Ministerial Servant and all I got was this lousy drinking problem!"

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    Sorry, Falcon, nobody saw your last heartfelt post there because your thread was buried by Perry and his funamentalist parrot, shitting on science from atop the altar of ignorance.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon


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    Sorry, Falcon , nobody saw your last heartfelt post there because your thread was buried by Perry and his funamentalist parrot, shitting on science from atop the altar of ignorance.


  • tootired2care

    It's like you think they would vet those questions out a few weeks before announcing it. It's like they think let's tell this brothers at the eleventh hour so they are pressured to say yes; what a very underhanded strong arm tactic. It's like they don't even give you dignity of making the choice for yourself. Two times before I was appointed the question was posed to me right before meeting (mind you while my mind was elsewhere worrying about stage mikes or sound)!

    "Is there anything that prevents you from serving as an MS?", a total disregard for if YOU really want to be one, but hey God loves a cheerful giver right?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Interesting thread...I enjoy reading your perspectives on this. The elders seemed so 'important' when I went to meetings. I suppose when I think about it I was a bit in awe of how strong their faith must be to become elders.....if only I knew.

  • Morbidzbaby

    I can't speak from personal experience (so why the hell am I speaking at all?? ), but I can tell you about my father and my ex. Dad was appointed a MS, my ex was trying to get appointed.

    With my ex, his "name came up" as a candidate. They let him know, he got all excited and started forcing me out door-to-door even more than he already was and became very gung-ho about everything...this included getting rid of our television set and painstakingly keeping an eye on everything I said or did. If we were invited out after the meeting and he didn't want to go, he'd hedge and say "well let me think about it" after already stating we didn't have plans... So I, being the curious person I am, would say "Well, we don't have anything we're doing, so why not?". This was viewed as "usurping his headship" and I'd get the silent treatment all the way home, which would inevitably lead to a huge arguement about how I'm so unsubmissive and a horrible wife. Yay. Mind you, this is the man who just up and quit a well-paying job in an area that was notorious for a high unemployment rate and decided WE were going to pioneer and scrub shitters for the rest of our lives...WITHOUT consulting me! In other words, he was basically unemployed (or, at the very least severely UNDERemployed), and yet all the cooking, cleaning, etc was still left up to me. We had a roommate at the time who was a complete and utter slob, so I had to clean up after him as well. So when he was not appointed, guess who got blamed?? YOU GOT IT! His unsubmissive bitch of a wife who didn't do what she was told, didn't answer at meetings, and had to be dragged out in service (even though the elders knew NOTHING of all of this [except the not answering part]...they told him he needed to work on managing his household...so then he turned the blame on me because I was "unmanageable"). To this day, guess who is NOT a MS...even though we're no longer married? Uh-huh. But it was all MY fault...

    My dad's story is an interesting one. He didn't start studying until us kids were out of the house and on our own. I think part of it was because mom was always gone and it was just him and he needed SOMETHING to connect them. Another part was that he was truly lost...so when is a better time for a cult to sink their claws into someone? When they feel they need ANSWERS and a CHANGE. My dad was ripe for the plucking, especially since he'd already been around it daily for 20-some-odd years. He took his time getting baptized, then eventually he was made a MS. He did tell me about the different questions that were asked when I was bringing up the pedophilia issue. He basically said "Well, they make sure any brother who is appointed is asked if he's ever been involved with pedophilia". Um, yeah. Like they'd answer truthfully if they had!! I asked how it was that these men get into these positions and then molest kids if Holy Spirit appointed them...wouldn't the Holy Spirit KNOW and make sure they DIDN'T get appointed?? He said "Well, everyone sins...and while they may have been a good candidate at the time, sometimes people fall". But um...being a pedophile isn't something that spontaneously just happens. It's a behavior pattern that's ingrained in someone. So a person who's "all of a sudden" a pedophile was a pedophile when they were appointed. Duh. He told me how the whole thing worked with being appointed AFTER he became a MS...the whole "putting it to a vote" thing. I said "That seems more political than spiritual, dad". He agreed. One time he was looking through the book of talk outlines...trying to pick a few he liked and would like to deliver. So I started browsing through as well and he took the book like it was Jehovah's own and said "You can't look at this!". I asked "Why not?? I'm in the audience when they GIVE the friggin' talks, aren't I?? What's the difference??". He said "Well, you're not supposed to...you're not an elder or a MS..." . So I said "OH I get it, only the elite get to see the talks, but we lowly pissants only get to hear them?" He thought about that for a bit, then handed it over LOL. So I mentioned off-hand that I'd already read through the Elder's Manual... He looked at me and said "What Elder's Manual???". Uh-huh. Sorry dad...looks like your penis-less little girl knows more even though you're considered above me in station.

    Soon after he was appointed, he started drinking heavily. He uses excuses...he needs to relax, he needs to unwind, etc. But he NEVER drank this hardcore before he converted. My dad would have a beer or two, or maybe a mixed drink (never both) and call it quits. Now he pretty much will get obliterated and won't admit it. Slurring, laughing at everything, and getting VERY lovey-dovey. I love my dad, and it's nice to see his real self come out, but I hate that it only comes out when he's drunk off his ass.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    My brother-in-law was just announced/appointed a MS; he's already a HEAVY drinker, I wonder how much worse it's going to get when he realizes that the position doesn't come with an enchanted holy-spirit wand or a even a pair of magic tights?

  • RayPublisher

    Mr. Falcon you are cool, funny, and handsome too. I can soooo relate to this post. Just be careful you don't overuse the bubbly. It can catch up with you.

    There never was any Holy Spirit involved in appointing any of us, and I'm one of the ones that still does believe in God's HS lol. Some guy in the Service Dept. stamps "approved" on your recommendation and then they deputize you and give you a gun and a badge.

    That's all there is to it.

  • MrFreeze

    To quote the movie The Prestige:

    "I never thought I'd find answers at the bottom of a pint glass."

    "Hasn't stopped you from looking, has it?"

  • unshackled

    Good stuff Falcon. Having never been appointed I am not qualified to comment on this thread…but I will anyways. At one point I'd guess I was 30 hours in FS shy of levelling up from mic-handling lackey publisher to mic-handling lackey MS. But I never could apply myself long enough to get there. Besides, walking around in the heat with a tie noosed around your neck, knocking on doors like an idiot is a hard road.

    Really, I was an underachieving christian. I eventually gave in to tail. Which brought me to observing said holy spirit from a different angle. Found myself in a dark and dank basement room with three men. This is where I learned the true nature of holy spirit, or rather its lack thereof. The magician loses his mystique when you get a look from backstage. This is what judicial committees are like. I realized these men had no facking clue what they were doing, let alone guided by a spirit, holy or otherwise. That was the loose thread that started to unravel it all.

    Anyways, I'm thankful for never putting in the effort to achieve MS status. And for the valuable life lessons: underachieving brings rich dividends, tail is a helluva lot better than holy spirit, and when drinking beers the greatest invention ever seems to be a shelf near a urinal.

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