The tanning mom

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  • NewChapter

    Before this story, I didn't even know it was possible to tan that much. Bill Maher compared her to the iceman tonight.

  • exwhyzee

    Al Jolsen called....he wants his complexion back

    Al Jolsen

  • maccauk11

    The woman needs help pray for her

  • james_woods

    Well, I saw a little more detail on this over the weekend on TV.

    She was discovered because the daughter came to school pretty obviously sunburned and the teachers asked her what happened.

    The daughter told them that she was in the tanning booth with mommy.

    Apparantly, the tanning salon people are denying it (for obvious reasons) - but the child services people investigated and are taking it seriously.

    I also had the privilidge of hearing her ideas of how this happened on TV: She stated (sounding quite drunk at the time) that many people are "jealous of the tanned looks" and were trying to hurt her for that reason.

  • talesin

    @ BOTR Indian Earth - yes! My friend had it, and it was all-purpose - blush, eye shadow and for the lips as well. There is a new, similar product on the market, but I haven't been able to find it yet. I went into MAC cosmetics and asked about it - all I got was stunned looks. Goddess forbid we don't buy separate products and waste tons of money, merely to put a 'bit of icing on the cake'.


  • wasblind

    Yep , I'm jealous

  • mrsjones5

    LoL @ Wasblind

    Too funny girlfriend!

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    I cant believe she is only a year older than me, she looks 65! Her face looks like a leather pouffe hahaha.

    A bit of Nivea aint gonna fix that face any time soon.

  • Angharad

    Does she actually think she looks good?

    Reminds me of beef jerky

  • Nambo

    Around 1992 I visited a congregation in the North East of England where a sister made this woman look pale, her skin was on the verge of being as black as an African, I couldnt belive a white girl could go that dark, she was young so she looked quite good, not saying she had an obsession like this woman, maybe she just come back from a long holiday somewhere very hot.

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