Kingdom Hall got Disassociated

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  • Botzwana

    Same thing happened with my old hall. A sister GAVE the society the land right next to her house so she would always have a Kingdom Hall right next door to attend....Well in just 10 years they sold it to the Methodists and built another hall on the other side of the highway. Pissed the sister off that they broke their word to her that she moved to Florida shortly after.

  • talesin

    One of the KHs here was sold to a religious organization as well. I always chuckle when I go by, remembering the good old times, painting, renovating.


  • NewChapter

    One of our KHs was also sold to a church. I used to giggle when I passed it after that, because the new owners put the biggest cross I'd ever seen on a church building. I used to say I thought they were trying to cleanse us out.

  • Quarterback

    It kind of blows the dedication concept out the door doesn't it?

    What is the difference between dedicating a bldg to Jah, or oneself dedicating himself to Jah. A person can't go back on their dedication, but a bldg can be sold and end it's dedicated usefulness?

    Why do we dedicate Bldg's?

  • steve2
    Why do we dedicate Bldg's?

    Practices such as dedicating building are simply old-fashioned and even "pagan" superstitions dressed up with the lingo of modern reasoning. But it's still superstition no matter how you dress it.

  • InquiryMan

    In Sweden, a Kingdom hall was recently sold to moslems. It is now converted to a mosque.

  • Phizzy

    Of course the WT is pleased, a good percentage of the money will return to them, if not right now then soon.

    The Scam continues.

  • mP

    Its amazing how the WTS sells out, if they were genuine you would think they would rather leave the hall empty that sell and help another false religion grow. Then again the true god called money shows, money first, principals second.

  • cantleave

    The old KH in Salisbury UK, was sold to the spirtualists - I always laugh when I see it.

  • lilbluekitty

    Nothing shocking to me there...the KH I used to go to became a Masonic Temple...go figure...a KH over here became a Baptist church. They don't care who buys it, just that they get money.

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