Kingdom Hall got Disassociated

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  • Quarterback

    Well, I thought I've seen everything.

    A congregation in our city just sold thier Kingdom Hall. They must have been desparate, because they sold it to an Evangelical group for an amount less than what they boasted about. But, these are hard financial times.

    All I could remember is the 25 yrs ago, dedication talk. How we stated that this KH would become the centre of true worship in the community. We dedicated the bldg for that purpose. But, now, it's not representing true worship. It had apostisized through no fault of it's own. It has become a part of Babylon the great, and now it is Disassociated (in principle). A bldg that we can't be proud of any longer.

    Life is strange, isn't it?

  • OnTheWayOut

    They cast aside anything/anyone that doesn't suit their purposes anymore.

    I know they cannot refuse to sell to certain groups, but if they really didn't want "Babylon" in their buildings, they would tear them down before selling the lot.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    It's family must be devastated.

  • Quarterback

    Well, I guess money overlooks all sins.

  • Quarterback

    There are some families that live on the same street.

    They are monitored strictly so that association is not maintained.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I'm not sad about it. I think it's pretty groovy. The congregation KH we used to attend in Baton Rouge, LA used to be a church before it was a KH. Dry your eyes, little one.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The Episcopal Diocese decided to sell my churches that were superb physcically. When they were first built, the surrounding area was residential. The neighborhoods became very commercial so maybe attendance was at ten members. There was a rush to sell these beautiful buildings before they were granted Landmark Status. So this beautiful church changed hands. The official service turning it in another use happened. It opened as the biggest drug bazaar/nightclub in the area. The new owner deliberately chose the church b/c of its interior carved stone work of religious figures. Many people saw desecration. Now they are sold with restrictive covenants of some sort.

    The drug dealing was so severe and the acts taking place inside were so shocking that it was all the talk for several years. The police were there all the time. Many people died from overdoses.

    Money talks.

  • steve2

    Admittedly, the old Kingdom Hall will find the transition to bewing a church painful - frightening even. Yet, it will gradually realize that, despite its newly-acquired shunned status, a meaningful life begins once the joyless one with the JWs ends.

    Rejoice! Be happy for the Hall in its new life.

    You may even decide to stand, brightly dressed and smiling widely, to the side waving your cheerleader banner and colorful garlands and give the occasional joyful whoop and kick of the heels as you loudly declare:

    "Well done you old Kingdom Hall!! There indeed is a happy life for you after the Watchtower!"

  • Quarterback

    They have purchassed land in the city that was occupied by drug dealers, and drug users. I guess the neighbo

  • Quarterback

    Sorry...sensitive keyboard. con't.....I guess the neighborhood is happy with what they see as an improvement.

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