Being publicly religious is a lot like being a NUDIST

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  • tec

    Yes, Christ said to pray in private and not to pray so that you receive praise from others, and to make yourself feel self-righteous. But he also gave THANKS in public. For food; for blessings. "Go into town and tell everyone what God has done for you."

    Has anyone though that some of these people simply do not care what anyone else thinks of them?

    Do some people want to appear 'righteous' in front of others? Probably. Do you know the difference between that one and the one living as they think is right? Should those people have to hide their faith and who they are simply because it annoys others?




    Things that irritate me in restaurants include:

    People talking or laughing too loudly

    Getting drunk and agressive

    Being rude to waiters

    Not leaving a tip

    Coughing all the time

    People leaving most of the food they have ordered

    Children misbehaving

    Sloppy waiters

    Over cooked steak,

    Overpriced cheap wine

    Scruffy people

    Talking into mobile devices

    People sneezing into their hands and then wiping their hands on their chair or the table cloth

    Vegetarians making loud remarks about carnivores and gladiators and their choice of outfit

    People quietly thanking their god for the food - I can live with.

    Bon appetite!

  • rocketman

    I've often wondered about the place of religion in 'the public square' as I call it - open displays and discussions of religious nature. My feelings are mixed:

    Praying in a restaurant is something I've seen and actually admired, when done discreetly.

    I tend to frown on public dicussion of religious matters unless the entire group is religious or interested in it.

  • Terry

    Should those people have to hide their faith and who they are simply because it annoys others?

    I think of piety, thankfulness and religious sanctimony the same way as great wealth. You display the magnitude of it at the risk of rubbing other people the wrong way.

    Why? Mink coats, dazzling diamonds, flashy expensive cars, designer dresses are really all about YOURSELF while silently pointing an accusing finger (inadvertantly to be sure!) at the have-nots.

    "Oh darlings, I can't help but drip with fabulous!" is not the greatest advertisement for wealth.


    "Oh brethern, I simply must offer public testimony of how fabulous my relationship with Mister Number One in the sky is!"

    Why do a great many people become inexplicably angry with that 1% who are rich? The public nature of success does not go down well with those

    less well off. It is human nature to compare.

    Why rub anybody's nose in it? Even inadvertantly? It creates seething animosity.

    Sad, but, true.

  • moshe
    Why do a great many people become inexplicably angry with that 1% who are rich?

    Well, just like in Las Vegas, if we knew in advance which slot machines were going to pay off that day, we could all be 1%ers, too. Once you get to the top, you do have that insider's information that keeps you on top-- and as long as the losers don't know the game is rigged, they keep feeding money into the system. Knowledge is power ---

  • Terry

    I wish the OCCUPY people would think in terms of sports to get a balanced picture.

    Why don't sports talent recruiters hire players by being more "fair"? Why always pick hard-working, driven, ambitious, talented stars rather than ordinary unathletic

    average people? By always going with the 1% hotshots they are witholding the wealth of superstardom from the common people.

    See how the "logic" just falls apart in context shifted away from Wall Street?

  • moshe

    Terry, sports are played out in public arenas and cheaters are easy to spot- the 1%ers do their best work behind closed doors.

    I have watched that undercover CEO/Boss TV show and one thing is universal- they all suck at doing real work.

    JP Morgan just walked some of their best brains out the door today- something tells me their computer front-runner program had a 2 billion dollar hiccup-

  • moshe

    It's a sick horse is easy to fix-

  • cyberjesus

    Terry, here are my comments on your statements:

    "Nudists let it all hang out, "Look at me!" is their motto.

    Being the center of attention doesn't bother them as much as it encourages them to be all they can full public view.

    In fact, exhibitionism is at the core of this personality. The compulsion to display one's self is a mental disorder whether it is body parts or

    mental misalignments of belief systems. Why is it a disorder? If you have to ask it is likely you aren't going to understand what bad behavior really is!

    The real issue is BOUNDRIES.""

    -->>they hang it all out?.....They do, but so what? you do that too. when you go in the shower and take a bath... Just like you did when you were married, you got naked in front of your wife... why? were you saying look at me? was that your motto?... I dont think so. It was because you felt comfortable enough to be naked in front of her. It was mutually agreed that you could do it in front of her and she in front of you... you did it in the a place where it was ok. maybe the bedroom maybe the bathroom... who knows... if someone entered in to that area could they LABEL you as exhibitionist? sure. But it was them who intruded in your private area...

    When was the last time you saw a NUDIST walking nude on the streets? I havent.. If you have gone to a nudist place must likely like your bedroom when you were married, its a place where like minded people feel comfortable without cloths. Its an area that you agree to be with others and dont mind to be naked.

    People dont go there saying look at me.... where did you get that? actually its not a field full of perfect young bodies. They just dont care to follow the culturaly imposed requirement of having to wear cloths. How can they be the center of attention if ALL of them are naked, then they ALL are the center of attention and therefore none of them are the center of attention.

    Now you even go to the extent of calling it a "mental disorder".... wait a second where have I heard that before? ..

    And you mentioned that the real reason is boundaries.... like I said I have not seen any NUDIST running naked... unless that is if you are reffering to people who have made PUBLIC DEMOSTRATIONS in the nude to make a point or to protests... which is for a different reason.

    Anyway. No I am not a nudist. I dont care if someone is nude around me.. being publicly religious to me is a way for people to try to prove to themselves and maybe others that their faith is the right thing.... or not. When I used to pray it was out of being grateful cuz I thought the meals were given by God... now I know it was just a waste of time. I dont like when people just pray in public... but so what?

    Sometimes before meals I pause and think of all the process involved. All the animals that had to die to keep my body alive. I connect and I thank them (although I know they dont hear) just as a reminder for me that I am lucky to have food in front of me.

    just my thoughts

  • Terry

    Somebody maaaay have missed my point.....

    I have nothing at all bad to say about nudists, per se. We are all nude....under our clothes. But, we are not all better people under our rituals!

    IF religion makes us better people in a meaningful way it is internal and others will collectively respond positively.

    Thing of the old saying "Fake it until you make it."

    Being a better person cannot BE faked; only the superficial rituals can be aped.

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