Facelift of one of the best graphics we have

by RayPublisher 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • RayPublisher

    I felt like re-doing at a higher resolution this great graphic. It hopefully will continue to help more learn about the failed predictions of the WT.


    Pass it along. Print it out, email it, drop it from airplanes, whatever helps get the word out.

  • talesin

    nice work, and respectful of those dear lost souls.

  • jwfacts

    Thank you, this is excellent and I would like to include it on jwfacts.com.

  • RayPublisher

    @PG - Please do!

  • smiddy

    Sorry , I `m an ignoramus with pc`s ,how do I get the complete picture on one A4 page,when I try to do it no go .It`s either split into 2 pages or theirs info missing . HELP


  • Fernando

    Hey smiddy!

    If using MS Word (2003):

    Standard Toolbar, File, Page Setup, Margins, Landscape, OK.

    Standard Toolbar, Insert, Picture, From File, browse to and select the pic, OK.

    Click on picture to make picture toolbar appear, click "text wrapping" icon, select "in front of text" to make picture resizeable and moveable on page.

    The equivalent is possible with a bit of looking around in other versions of MS Word.

    Hope this helps.

  • Heartofaboy

    Right click on image

    Save image as...................save it in any file on your PC, it can now be printed from there as well

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I see no need to be all ''apologetic and respectful'' in naming these people. In past incarnations of this image and naming nobody called them idiots or anything as far as i recall. Just the facts...they are dead, they were misled, they are proof of a conjob.

    The Watchtower corporation saw fit to print their faces all over the cover.

    They allowed themselves to be part of a global propaganda campaign. They may have been misled etc but...you put yourself out there you take what comes back even if it aint pretty and even if you are dead, your legacy is your legacy.

    I guess you are just trying to be PC.


  • Bucholz

    I'm translating this into Spanish.

  • 00DAD

    Thanks for posting!

    That magazine has the cover date one month before my baptism. (Of course JWs got them a few months before).

    It was this kind of hype that helped motivate me to join this cult. So 10-15 years later when I started to realize what a bunch of lies it all was I went through so many stages: disbelief, confusion, anger, outrage and more.

    It's really criminal what the publishers/writers/leadership of the WTBTS have done. They should be held accountable for all the lives they've ruined due to their lies and manipulative practices!

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