How Will They Keep JW Youths In?

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    get dunked very early... that way they can hold the shunning sword over them in their late teens.

    by fear

    That's what WT is hoping to do, but time and the Internet is not on WTs side.

  • steve2

    Yes, I agree LostGeneration. However, as time passes this sword will simply lose its cutting edge. I already know of a handful of good-standing JW parents who still have "family" contact with their disfellowshipped children.

    Oh, yes: The Watchtower is fully aware of the growing number of JW parents who do not shun their baptized children. Other JWs have their collective heads in the sand over this rather more common than acknowledged "problem" of parents refusing to shun their disfellowshipped kids.

  • d

    They will not be so successful as time goes on.

  • TMS

    My wife and I did a quick survey. We have 15 nephews and nieces raised as JWs between the ages of 25 and 50. All but one of the families were zealous in the religion with one family considered spirtually "weak". Only nephew one remains an active JW. He is mentally challenged married to a similarly challenged JW woman.

    The others have spent recent years trying to overcome the poor start they got in life financially, emotionally and socially stemming from the JW belief system. We interact with most of them from time to time although we have almost no contact with their JW parents. At least a couple seem occupied with the normal family raising, making a living, etc. One is in prison, while another has been in and out of jails.

    One was eager to show me a tattoo he got of the tetragrammaton. Another confided in me, while puffing on a cigarette: "My dad wants to be KOBE so bad he can taste it." At least 4 use drugs. 2 are in college. One took paramedic training. Several have been disfellowshipped, one twice.

    No pioneers, elders, ministerial servants, Gileadites, Bethelites or even microphone handlers in the lot.


  • C6H12O6


    - "Higher education can lead us away from serving God"

    - "we don't need to go to college, it would be a waste of time and money"

    - "the literature and meetings are all we need for education"

    - "everything published by the WTBS is true, we don't need to check their facts"

    - "we should avoid independent thinking, it can corrupt us"

    - "stop relying on your imperfect self, you should be putting your trust and faith in God"

    I am so glad that i got out before i became brain damaged from all this.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Tell the youth not to attend college, be a janitor, maid, yard cleaner or window washer. Construction jobs are a family trade, whole families to three or four generations have worked this volatile industry.

    2. Hold out Bethel or WACO (Upstate New York!) as a goal!


  • mrsjones5

    My oldest son has a friend who's mother is a jw. He's 16 going on 17 and he's being pressured to take the dunk. I know cuz he talks to my hubby about it and how he doesn't want to be a jw. I've told hubby to advise him to pay it cool and say he's just not ready, stall as long as possible until he can get out the house. This is sad, he's a good kid.

  • WTWizard

    Fear, shame, and guilt. Most right-hand path religion relies on this to keep people in. You are afraid that looking at the left-hand path or ditching religion altogether means death and destruction, or hellfire. The washtowel goes beyond this, ruining families when one member breaks one of the rules or decides that the religion is rubbish. (And threatening that their destruction is imminent, within a few years at most).

  • smiddy

    WT used to deride the Catholics for using fear of hell fire to keep their charges in line ,JW`s use Armageddon for the same end.

    WT used to quote the Catholics " give me a child up until 6/7 years of age and I`ll give you a Catholic for life" JW`s are baptizing children younger and younger than the used to.

    They try fear to keep the youth in,but I think the youth are smarter than that.


  • Gayle

    wow,if there are 31,237 less baptized each year than the previous, that mean 'no one' will be getting baptized in 8/9 years.

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