How many of you worked for "Trim-line" or "Auto-Trim-Design"?

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  • drewcoul

    I remember a lot of witnesses working throughout the country for Trim-line when I was younger. I think it was started by a JW at the time.

    I worked for the Trim-line in indiana when I was younger. I know there were a lot of witnesses who were involved in Trim-line/ Auto Trim Design companies. I worked there in the early 90's.

    How about you?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I did some Trim-Lining with a brother from my hall in the early 90's as well. Cut off a chunk of my thumb.

    Trim line is a bunch of shit I would rip off my car. Garbage. A complete racket. But a great pioneering job. Why go to college?

  • drewcoul

    One of the oddest people I have ever encountered in my life was a pioneer who worked for the same franchise I worked for. I remember a guy at a body shop who asked me: "Why can't **** answer a simple question?" I said "what do you mean?" The body shop guy then says: "I asked **** if he and his wife were going to have any kids and he said 'we already have children, spiritual children.' I mean that's just bullshit!"

    It's kinda hard to defend stupid shit like that even when you're a believing JW.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    DREWCOUL - dude, if you hadn't already said you did trim line in Indiana, I would have thought you were talking about the brother I worked with --- THE EXACT SAME TYPE OF PERSON. Never gives anyone a straight answer. Funny. Hmmmm..... (I did trim line in the NY metro area- and the brother was a pioneer but not while at trim line)

  • poopsiecakes

    I never worked for Trim Line myself but certainly knew a few who did and knew vicariously a couple who owned franchises. I remember hearing stories of annual business meetings where they would open with a kingdom song and prayer (and kaiboshed when the JW bigwigs got wind of it) - any truth to those rumors?

  • ShirleyW

    What exactly is Trimline? The name sounds like a diet product.

  • ohiocowboy

    When I lived in Winnipeg, Trimline was a big thing with the JW's. My roomate as well as several other "Brothers" used to work there.

    Trimline is a company that does decorative trim and accessories for automobiles and other motor vehicles.

  • ziddina


    I didn't, but my Roman Catholic neighbor two doors down worked for Trimline for many years...

    I've often told him about the worst abuses of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and all HE says is, "Well, they certainly were nice to me...."

    Some people just enjoy being deluded, no matter what...

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Trim line is plastic/rubber shit and fake pinstriping we put on brand new cars to make them look like crap. Then we would charge lots of money.

    Phenomenally rewarding work.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    I do remember a family who worked for this business (Independant Contractors, or Franchise?), they were not pioneers nor did they attend very many meetings. They did tell everyone about their business, even dropped business cards in the Kingdom Hall by accident, "I think, it was an accident" T.L. did window tinting too, the name sounds familiar enough.

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