Chemicals buried at WT Farms (WT ruining the earth)

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  • botchtowersociety
    it is what I term "stupid pollution". And, when all they put out is rubbish, any pollution generated in the process (whether harvesting the raw materials, transporting things, or pollution generated at the site) is stupid pollution.

    Designs has to spend his Saturdays at the beach with a garbage bag just to pick up all the discarded, radioactive Washtowel mags in Japanese that wash up there. Then on Sunday he has to plant saplings to make up for all the trees cut down to print them.

  • blondie

    The dangers of hazardous waste have always been known, but not until the 1960's did America really see hazardous dumping as a threat to the environment and public health. The Environmental Protection Agency was organized in the early 1970's to provide a single agency to regulate and enforce hazardous waste dumping laws. Although business is a major source of hazardous waste, individuals are also responsible for throwing out materials that contain toxic chemicals.

    Read more: Hazardous Waste Dumping Laws | eHow.com

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    Here is one from the 1983 Awake 11/22:

    The Way Out

    THE Bible warns: “A man reaps what he sows.” (Galatians 6:7, New International Version) If ever a generation proved those words true, it is this generation. On the preceding pages, we have examined the epidemic of sexual immorality and seen some of the ugly physical plagues it has produced. Other diseases caused by immorality have produced similar results.

    For example, two of the big killers today are cancer and heart disease. About these two plagues the World Health Organization reports: “90 per cent of [lung cancer] cases occur in [tobacco] smokers. Smokers are five to ten times more at risk from cancer of the mouth, throat and gullet.” It goes on: “Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in most developed countries, and the risk of dying from it is two to three times greater in smokers than in non-smokers.”

    No, not everyone who dies from cancer or heart disease smokes tobacco. But if nobody used tobacco, these two killers would claim far, far fewer victims than they do. The self-indulgence of the smoker who risks his life for a habit, and the greed of the commercial interests that make money out of his addiction combine to multiply horrendously the needless deaths from these epidemics.

    Third World countries are still reeling from epidemics that are under control elsewhere. The Sunday Times of London reports: “Today . . . more than 500 children will go blind—just for lack of vitamin A. And for about 3p [5c, U.S.] per child it could be prevented. Prospects that the money will be found and the vitamins dispensed are bleak.”

    Around the world, 25,000 people die of various physical diseases every day because their drinking water is not clean. The technology exists to provide clean drinking water for every human on this planet. The cost of applying the technology would be about one tenth of what the world spends on tobacco and only a small fraction of what is spent on armaments. Yet 25,000 people a day continue to die. Surely this betrays a sickness of the spirit in human society.

    Consider, too, the widespread abuse of alcohol, which produces cirrhosis of the liver and causes “between a third and a half of all road deaths in industrial countries—and a growing number in the Third World.” (World Health) Remember the widespread illegal dumping of dangerous chemicals that puts the population in general at grave risk. Yes, in many, many instances, the physical health problems of mankind are closely related to its moral sicknesses.

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    The articles are too numerous to make reference to, but the decision to dump was probably not made by the writing department.


  • trueblue

    undercover said: they will have to pay for the clean up... They will probably have some brainwashed dub(s) clean it up for free.

    Rebel8: why couldn't jehoopla publish his ragazines without toxins?... and so much for saving the rainforests with all there literatrash, poluting the air with their automobiles selling the literatrash, and all the famillies they have destroyed along the way.

  • james_woods
    Did they know the chemicals were so harmful when they dumped them, law or no law? If they did and they dumped them on purpose, that is unethical if only because it shows a double standard. And, if they refuse to pay for a clean up, it also shows they are not willing to abide by their own standards. They bash someone for improperly disposing a single CFL bulb, but they themselves don't clean up a mess they make.

    If they didn't know, then why were they burying them in secret?

  • botchtowersociety
    If they didn't know, then why were they burying them in secret?

    In the dark, and after the secret Pastor Russell handshake.

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  • botchtowersociety

    Great catch, donuthole! I was looking for that one (the original, that is).

  • undercover

    You guys rock!

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