Breaking News from Steve Unthank - Police Launch Investigation into Traralgon Congregation

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  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises



    JW NEWS can report that Victoria Police have launched an investigation into the rape and molestation of a number of children within the Traralgon Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses over the past two years. According to initial reports, ... the Body of Elders were strictly ordered by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Australia to cover-up the multiple rapes of a number of children within the Traralgon Congregation allegedly committed by a fellow member of the Jehovah's Witness religion. The elders were also instructed to NOT report the rapes to the police or the authorities.

    The investigation is expected to widen to include numerous congregations within the Melbourne metropolitan area where the alleged child rapist has had regular unsupervised direct contact with up to one hundred young children within the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses since the initial rapes were reported within the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses. The alleged child rapist remains in "good standing" within the religion and continues to have regular meeting parts despite confessing to the rapes within the church format. The full report "Crisis of Conscience within the Traralgon Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses - Part 2" will be published at on Sunday evening, Australia time.

    [emphasis mine]

  • flipper

    Bastards . It's about time that a full fledged investigation takes place. I want to see this spread out far and wide in the media . I look forward to more information as it unfolds. Go Australia police ! Do your job ! Get these bastards and protect the children. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Listener

    This is shocking, those poor, poor children.

  • wobble

    This is going on in their congregations everywhere, it must be stopped.

  • JWdaughter

    It boggles the mind how foolishly stubborn and needlessly harmful that the WT society is being in this matter and those related to it. God, if they would just be honest, they would get the filth OUT, do the least damage to the congregants, particularly children, keep the congregation "clean" and comply with secular laws-which frankly are NOT in conflict with anything in the Bible.

    WHAT IS THEIR PURPOSE??? To make some new court case for separation of church and state or ???? Don't children matter more? Doesn't their integrity matter for ANYTHING? I remember some stupid WT song about integrity. Stupid song as all of them, but I did learn the meaning of the word-did ANYONE else???

  • skeeter1


    (But, didn't the WTS state after the California class action case that, "It didn't have a pedophile problem") . . . The WTS has no problem with pedophiles! They can be elders, MS, go out in field circus, etc. Being a pedophile helps a man inside the KH.

  • finallysomepride


    i realy don't know what to say

  • mamalove

    I had no idea this was that big! I saw these articles on Facebook this morning. I wonder how widespread this is within the JW community outside of Australia? Any families in the UK or US heard of JWs conversing about this?

  • hamsterbait

    The WTBTS has not got a problem with pedos.

    Same way as I dont have a problem with drink: I can afford to imbibe 24 hours a day.

    The Borg has brought this on themselves, all for the sake of a little certificate.


  • lifestooshort

    Lets hope this allows some to open there eyes and see WBTS for what it is.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    "Being a pedophile helps a man inside the KH" That's a pretty general statement and one that doesn't read true. Though the fools don't act on reports it doesn't mean its a plus being a pedophile. Thank God (if there were one) for Uthank and his righteous indignation leading him to take action as he has. He will be helping protect many children and expose the 2 witness system for what it is, unloving, anti-innocence and evil.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thank you so much for this information. I truly hope this goes somewhere. I know in the hall I was in we had three child molesters one of which was called an incurable sexual psychopath by his court records yet the elders allowed him parts on the meetings, he went out in service with anyone whom the COBE said was spiritually strong. So this incurable sexual psychopath went out in field service knocking on doors of strangers with these little old sisters in the hall who knew nothing of his past the fact that he had been in prison for the years for raping children one of them being his own daughter but these older sisters were spiritually strong and the PO COBE said that was all the branch required.

    In fact only the PO COBE would even take the pedophiles court records none of the elders ever took a copy from me. I only got the records after the service overseers stuck his finger in my face demanding to know how I had proof that this man was a pedophile. So I went and got the PUBLIC RECORDS to prove to the elders what I was saying was true and no one wanted them. Not only that but I got into trouble for even having them. The attorney elder told me I had no right to have them and the PO COBE told me that I had to much information that was to hot for me to have.

    THEY WERE PUBLIC RECORDS. PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The court would not have given them to me if they were too hot for me to have. So I mailed them to Bethel and everyone I could in the legal department yet still this guy went door to door with the elders blessings.

    One elder even threatened to DF me if I told anyone. We were alone when he threatened me so I am sure he will recant it but maybe not.
    I truly hope that something will stop all of this pain to children, I know the pain only too well as I was a victim of abuse myself and it lasts a lifetime.You never just get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just so maddening that this is going on. Yeh right they have the policy on child abuse of any religion out there. All I ask like flipper said is to protect the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that is not letting them go door to door and have parts on the meetings and interact with everyone even holding a baby shower as the incurable sexual psychopath did in the hall I went to in 2009.


  • bnybyt

    Oh, how I wish this would blow up in the WTB&TS's face and cost them beaucoup bucks, and I mean beaucoup!

    Maybe even resulting in jail time for the hounders that covered up according to momma WT's instructions.

  • cyberjesus

    plot thickens......

    its all about timing....and timing couldnt be better

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    can someone post some news articles. I want to show this to my wife but I need something from the local media. And btw if this is really what happened down there, I hope the paper trail leads right back to NY. Pedos don't do well in prison.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    However in true witness fashion, if the trail does lead to NY someone will take the heat rather than the GB actually getting into any legal trouble

  • flipper

    I had an unnerving dream last night that my wife ( mrs. Flipper ) and I somehow attended a assembly at an open door public assembly hall. ( Which in real life wouldn't happen as we never attend . ) In the dream we started a conversation with a complete stranger , a JW man with his young family sitting there with him. It occurs to me in the dream that ANY complete stranger ( including child molesters ) could easily come walking into this public meeting , take a seat and try befriending parents with unsuspecting chldren. After waking from the dream I realized there is no check system in place. No checking of past court records of even MEMBERS like Life Is Too Short mentions. This organization is primed for having a pedophile problem due to the false impression people get that they are among so-called " safe " " brothers & sisters " . It's ridiculous there isn't more of a check system. I hope this Australia situation brings the perpetrators to justice and the WT society gets lots of negative media over this. It's the only way the public will know about it.

    MAMALOVE - Your question, " Any families in the UK or US heard of JW's conversing about this ? " I highly doubt it. And THAT is a big part of the problem regarding child abuse worldwide in the JW organization. As Life Is Too Short mentioned, people are demonized or reprimanded or threatened with disfellowshipping in congregations if they reveal ANYTHING negative about unlawful child abuse happening within the JW organization. I mean - look what happened to Barbara Anderson & Bill Bowen years ago when they made their findings public. They got DFed. WT society doesn't WANT to protect children, they want to protect their pretend , false, illusionary goody two shoes image to not ONLY the public, but to their own JW members !

    We are NOT dealing with a cleancut , above the board organization here folks . From the top down the Governing body, the WT legal team are ALL liable for aiding and abetting criminal felony child abuse which brings 50 to 100 year prison sentences to felonious child molesters. This is extremely serious. WT society's constantly trying to address child abuse as a SIN instead of a CRIME causing it to minimize and sweep under the rug crimes which should become public and on front pages of any newspapers.

    JW DAUGHTER - Regarding YOUR questions , analyze them one by one.

    1. What is their purpose ? To protect their financial holdings and keep the corporation business called the WT society floating at any cost or expense. And that includes hiding child abuse in order to avoid expensive payouts to JW victims or long court cases.

    2. To make some new court case for seperation of church and state ? No, they don't care about that. They want to avoid ANY court cases that invlove having to pay settlements out of their billion $$$ empire. They don't want the bad publicity.

    3. Don't children matter more ? No, not at all to the WT society. Children and women are viewed as slaves and are expendable.

    4. Doesn't their integrity matter for ANYTHING ? No, it doesn't sadly. They would rather see their JW members suffer in Malawi, die from not getting needed blood transfusions , and watch children suffer from being molested - than to have that exposed in a public forum whereby the bad publicity may affect their financial holdings which now number in the billions . $$$$$ THAT is what their priorities are.

    5. Stupid song as all of them, but I did learn the meaning of the word ( integrity ) - did anyone else ? Yes my friend YOU and I and all of us here learned the meaning of the word integrity . It's a big reason we LEFT the Jehovah's Witnesses and WT society in order to maintain our integrity and are now trying to expose the criminal organization for what it is - just that - a criminal organization. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • discreetslave

    If the orders to cover it up came from the branch it looks like Viv Mouritz being transferred out of Australia is not just a coincidence.

    I hope this sparks something. How long is the Watchtower going to continue getting away with all they do behind the scenes?

  • clarity

    LITS ....your information is amazing!

    Anyway to get it into the NEW YORK TIMES?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Is this reported in any news organization other than JW News?

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