Was The Internet The Clincher For You To Mentally Leave The Organization?

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  • 3rdgen

    Unlike some, I physically left 1st. Suffering from P.T.S.D. as well as doubts was too much for me, and the guilt and isolation was killing me. After I gave myself permission to access information on the

    internet I was able to leave mentally. I was able to determine that the WTS was NOT Gods perfect organization run by imperfect men. Prior to my looking objectivly at this religion on the internet I

    planned to go back as soon as I felt better. Learning these facts previously unavaible to me made me realize that the GB have NEVER been Gods channel . The defect was with THEM not me.

    Thank you JVN! Thank you Ray Franz! Thank you Barbara Anderson! Thank you, World Wide Web!

  • wobble

    Without the Internet my journey to where I am today, a very happy place, would not have been completed, I think I would simply have floundered around, feeling lost and dissatisfied, and not a little sad too.

    I discoverd this site about 7 or 8 months after I had decided that 1914 was nonsense, and therefore everything else was questionable to say the least, I spent a long time looking at old threads and new, and then I went elsewhere on the net, I decided that after 58 years of "Theocratic Education" I knew two things, not much and sod-all.

    I was then guided to get hold of many books on subjects I needed to research to supplement the net as far as education goes.

    But to mentally leave the Borg, all I needed was this wonderful site, I physically left about 3 months later, again this site gave me the impetus and courage to execute a fade.

    So, HUGE THANK YOU to all who contribute to JWN and to those wonderful posters of the past too, THANK YOU ALL !!!!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Yes. After i left i was mentally still a believer, just didnt want to be one. The internet took care of that 14 years later.

    good google! Its been that long!


  • jookbeard

    no internet for me in the early 90's nor mobile phones, just pure evidence of seeing what a terrible group of sick people they are, and the good old library and subs to Free Minds and Comments from the Friends arriving by snail mail, as Andrew says the interweb must be stopping millions joining

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    Excerpts from the Yearbook 1970, p. 72:

    "It may be beneficial to set forth here a typical everyday schedule followed by the Gilead student during his five-month course:

    7 a.m. Discussion of daily text, conducted by the Society’s
    president, followed by breakfast
    8–11:50 a.m. Fifty students, in two groups of twenty-five each,
    attend classes in Bible and languages; the other half
    of the student body receives practical training in
    various departments of the Bethel home, office and
    factory, under supervision of departmental overseers
    12:15 p.m. Dinner
    12:50– All students attend lecture in school lecture
    1:50 p.m. hall. A Society director, overseer of a Bethel
    department or an instructor gives a one-hour talk on
    Bible, ministerial or organizational subject
    2–5:50 p.m. Half of student body alternates in same program as morning sessions
    6 p.m. Supper
    7-10 p.m. Study in dormitory room or in school’s 10,000-volume library

    Saturday afternoons and Sundays are set aside for attending meetings of the congregation in New York city to which the student is assigned, and for field service and study. Friday evenings are filled by attendance and participation in the congregation’s Theocratic Ministry School and service meeting.

    This busy program keeps everyone spiritually healthy and equips the student for the very active schedule he will follow in the missionary home or branch home of the Society to which he will be assigned after graduation. "

  • bigmouth

    LOL. I just copied all of Undercovers post and was about to post; "This is me, exactly!" and as I got to Balaamsass that's just what he had done!!

    U/C wins the prize for definitive answer to topic question.

  • punkofnice

    YES! Deffo!

    I didn't turn to the internet until I got disgruntled as an elder. Then I allowed myself to read the accounts of other elders that had 'defected'. I found the YUKU forum ( http://exjehovahswitnessforum.yuku.com/ ) then this one (JWN) after I felt strong enough to join in.

  • kimbo


  • Indian Larry
  • jambon1

    Not the sum total of why I left but I remember feeling absolutely relieved that other people felt the same way that I did about various matters.

    It was like a huge weight off my shoulders. All along I had blamed myself for me lack of faith. The fact that others had felt the same and had saw the same shit going on in KH's all over the world convinced me that it wasn't just a 'local' problem.

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