Was The Internet The Clincher For You To Mentally Leave The Organization?

by minimus 66 Replies latest jw friends

  • ShirleyW

    Thanks Min, that's the first time I "prayed" in years !

  • Quirky1

    The Monitor "Light" keeps getting brighter...

  • someonesomewhere

    Hm, yes. It helped a lot.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Played a major role for me, although my Spidey senses and instincts were already going haywire. Going online gave me the much needed assurance that I'm not alone in thinking these thoughts, and that there have been plenty who've travelled down this road before. I've been doing the online apostacy thing for over a year and am still finding out things about the organization that are jaw dropping.

  • leavingwt

    Let me add one more point: What I read in Crisis of Conscience was 100% in harmony with what I saw (from my limited perspective as a worker bee) at Brooklyn Bethel during my six plus years. Some of the people that Ray writes about were there when I was there. His account had the ring of truth.

  • Quirky1

    Did you have to say "truth"...

  • trueblue

    No but the internet helps me to stay on the straight and narrow road from the grips of the WTS...

  • minimus

    Many of us knew that the views/doctrines were ridiculous but because we took the course of least resistance, we stayed.....and stayed.

  • Robert7

    I didn't need the internet. The WTS's own dissonance, rules and regulations, anti-education stance, governing body worship, etc was enough to have me mentally leave hte organization. I didn't go to the internet until after I mentally left. The internet just confirmed what I felt.

    It reminds me of a recent John Stewart commentary on Michelle Bachman's horrible picture on the cover of Newsweek magazine. I paraphrase... Michelle Bachman of all things is photogenic... she looks great in any picture... if you want to make her look bad, use HER WORDS. He then showed some of her many ignorant and intolerant quotes...

    Same with the WT. You don't NEED any true 'apostate' literature. You can show the WT is false with THEIR OWN PRINTED WORDS.

    Pretty amazing for a group called "The Truth"

  • Vidqun

    Without the Internet I would never have known about the Watchtower riding the beast for ten years. They stopped doing that because they were exposed. Not, I'm sorry I did what was bad, rather, I'm sorry that I was caught doing it. But see, I've stopped now. Also thanks to the computer, mobile phones, word processing, e-mail, library programs, Amazon.com, etc. Without those, my eyes would have remained closed.

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