Is the effect of beer different from that of wine?

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  • wobble

    I will give you dear CoCO, the results of a very long scientific study into the question you pose.

    The study has been carried out over many decades by Professor Wobble, it is mainly based on personal experiences of his, but also involves some serious observation of fellow drunks, sorry humans.

    Prof Wobble has found and observed that alcohol contained in different solutions certainly does have a different effect upon a person. Certain solutions, whilst containing more alcohol, have a smaller deleterious effect than ones with a lower alcoholic content.

    The after-shock to the body, sometimes commonly referred to as a "hang-over" depends not solely on the quantity of alcohol consumed, but also and Prof Wobble believes mainly, upon the impurities in the liquid being consumed.

    A cheap red wine with sulphates and other contaminants in it will produce a headache , whereas a beer brewed to German purity laws may not.

    The conclusion that was unavoidable was that no matter who the subject was, if enough alcohol was consumed by any method, the subject would fall over.

    This study has been carried out at HUGE expense, so I do hope it is of value to you.

    Kindest regards,

    a semi-sober Wobble

  • flipper

    CoCo- Beer tends to bloat me up in the stomach more, it's more filling than wine. Although I can get a buzz after about 4 beers - I feel like the Austin Powers character " Fat Bastard " after drinking too many beers. I find wine a much smoother buzz which is easier on my stomach and it just doesn't fill me up nearly as much. Really nice gradual buzz. I'll drink a couple beers with a good pizza or something, but I prefer wine. Beer tends to make me gain weight , wine not as much. I also enjoy an occasional margarita on the rocks with Mexican food. Really nice

  • MrFreeze

    Most wines give me a headache. Boxed wines in particular. If I mix wines with beer, it's a bad time. If I'm drinking, I like to stick to one type of alcohol. If I'm drinking hard liquor, I stick to hard liquor. If I'm drinking beer, I stick to beer. If I'm drinking wine, I stick to wine. Mixing them messes me up, big time.

  • MrFreeze

    Also, to avoid hangovers, there is no way to do this. You can minimize it though. Drink plenty of water while drinking alcohol. I've found dehydration is the enemy of all alcoholic intake.

  • DagothUr

    Red wine has tannins which raise the blood pressure. That is why it's not for everyone. Beer is weaker, but it will make you fat on the long term. White wine is a nice compromise between them.

  • Farkel

    Damn. I didn't know it was that complicated with all those impurities and stuff.

    I will never visit a tavern again. It's just too much work.

    "Hey, bartender! Give me one of them there beers with no impurities and stuff. Are you sure THAT one has no impurities and stuff? You're not? I'm outta this joint! Life is too short for me to get impurities and stuff in beer. I think I'll just drink some anti-freeze, then."


  • wobble

    Ethylin Glycol MMmmmmmmm 2009 was a good year Farkel.

  • cantleave

    Depends what beer and what wine?

    A pint of this stuff gives me a buzz that lasts all day

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Ethanol is the main alcohol present in any bevvie, but there are also higher and lower alcohols in varying quantities, dependent on the ingredients, types of yeast, brewing temperatures, carbon dioxide pressure, and in spirits, the type of still and the skill of the distiller.

    Differences are to be expected.



  • trueblue

    Too much of anything that makes you feel good, makes you feel bad in the long run even good tasting food.

    You have in your brain cimicals called dopemines and your brain releases this dopemines in moderation that causes you to feel pleasure when your like eating good food, having sex, or anything fun, but drinking alcohaul or taking drugs releases more dopemines in larger quantities and as a result your body runs out of dopemines and you are not able to feel pleasure any more.

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