Missionaries in Tiawan asked to give salaries back to bethel...one resigned!!

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    yea well my breakfast is coming up as well.

  • elderelite

    There are stories and such on jw net that get passed around and are half true or exagerations... This is one that is factual true. It is indeed because of the so called vow of poverty.... Interestingly the "vow of poverty" was instituted because brooklyn boys were working side jobs and making money. Booklyn (george couch as i understand it) was pissed and pushed for the vow to squash that habbit.

  • designs

    My brother worked at a Liquor Store a few blocks from Bethel when he was there in the early 70s.

  • sparki

    stop lying..

    missionaries and special pioneers who gets allowance can work once a week for an additional financial support if they want to..

    if they work more than that, they shouldnt get allowance cuz that defeats the whole purpose of getting the allowance

  • elderelite

    Sparki, with respect, an allowance is what your parets give you. If you dont know the proper vernacular it calls into question your understanding of the situation as a whole. I have personal knowledge of this situation and have served at bethel, thus i speak from knowledge. What is your backround and your source of information?

  • sparki

    EE pullleez.. working at the bethel dont mean shizzzzle..

    anybody can get into bethel.. kid from my cousins hall, whos double life living hardcore drinking party animal just got accepted 3 months temp. WTH?

    half of the people who apply to bethel apply because they got nothing else to do, got no goals, got no other decent option, so they apply..

    why do you think they changed the arrangement so they only accept temp volunteers now?

    Its because so many non-spritual losers come in and go.

    So when you say you worked at the bethel before and now you dont.. makes you one of those losers who applied cuz you had nothing better to do. and it gives you no credit what so ever.

    And also your knowledge is outdated.

    they changed the arrangement so that special pios can work once a week if they choose to

  • NewChapter

    they changed the arrangement so that special pios can work once a week if they choose to

    I believe we were discussing missionaries. Your 15th post will certainly endear you to us.


  • MrFreeze

    sparki is an internet tough guy. You seem to presume a lot about people you don't know. So I'm going to presume something about you sparki. I'm going to presume that you are an idiot. The evidence seems to back up my claim.

  • ziddina

    Hear, hear, Mr. Freeze...

  • sparki

    Yup missionaries too.. a recent gilead grad couple who got assigned to nepal is allowed to work once a week.

    Freeze Yes I'm an idiot.. so are you

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