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  • shamus100

    Recipe: Quinoa Chocolate Cake

    Recipe courtesy of

    2/3 cup uncooked quinoa
    1 1/3 cup water
    ½ cup milk
    4 eggs
    1 tsp vanilla
    ¾ cup butter, melted and cooled
    1 ½ cups sugar
    1 ½ cups unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 Tbsp baking powder
    ½ tsp salt

    Cook the quinoa in the water. To do this, add both ingredients to a pan, then bring the mixture to a boil. At this point, put the lid on, lower the heat and simmer for approx 10 minutes. Shut off the heat and leave the pan on the burner to continue cooking slightly for an additional 10 minutes. Mix it somewhat with a fork and allow to cool completely.

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

  • shamus100

    P.S. Quinoa is a 'super food' and is high in protein. Gluten free to boot. :D

  • Judicial Committee
  • Judicial Committee
  • ziddina

    Judicial Committee can't say anything because his mouth is full of cake...

    Or he's using the wrong format...

  • flipper

    KOSONEN- You stated , " You too Finish from Sweden ? " I wish you WOULD finish in Sweden . Just stay there. Quietly. Your boorish, judgmental, disrespectful manner about you screams self righteousness from the rooftops ! Has " God Jehovah " as you call him appointed you message deliverer to us ? What makes you think you are any more righteous than those of us who have been enlightened away from the mind control of the WT society ? Unless YOU are a cult leader yourself dressed in " drag mock modesty " seeking followers after yourself ! Believe me- there's a better way to get followers dude than beating them over the head with a billy club called FEAR and GUILT. My momma always told me you draw more flys with honey - not setting up spider webs to impale people you feel superior to. Get a hold on yourself man

  • Black Sheep
  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Sweden, huh?

    Then you should be able to comprehend Jeremiah 29:10 in a Swedish NWT.

  • DagothUr

    We have a new replacement for OBVES and Larsinger!

  • finallysomepride

    We have a new replacement for OBVES

    when did obves leave?

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