Do you believe in Miracles?

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  • vientotz

    Miracle's do happen when you make it happen XDD

  • Snoozy

    Good point on the explanations/discription of the work 'miracle' except the general public usually thinks of a act of god when they hear the word miracle..

    Snoozy..looking for a sign...

  • Neon Bible
    Neon Bible

    Words and music by Queen

    Every drop of rain that falls in Sahara Desert says it all
    It's a miracle

  • jaguarbass

    I had at least one miracle happen to me and probably more that I cant remember right off the cuff.

    My best miracle was I was driving my motorcycle 35 mph and a car turned in front of me. I hit the car and flew up in the air and landed

    25 feet down the road standing on my feet and was not hurt.

    This happened in Clearwater in front of the church of Scientology headquarters. The Scientologist thought I was their leader,

    or someone very advanced in their hiarchy and took me all through their headquarters until I finally convinced them I was not

    a scientologist.

    Then for a year afterwords Scientologist would come up to me and my wife in Clearwater and tell my wife, "you know your husband

    can fly."

    Then I had a conincidence which is kind of like a miracle but less spectacular. I work in a jail in Clearwater and was telling

    a coworker about my youth growing up and my friends, and then when I got up to make a cell check there was the son of

    my boyhood friend in cell number 6 that I was just talking about.

    I grew up in Cleveland Ohio and the cell was in Clearwater Florida 5 states and 1200 miles away.

  • cofty

    No I don't. Miracles are by definition the least likely explanation of an incident.

    What would be really weird would be if there were no amazing coincidences.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yes I do!!!!! I worked hard all week and behold .....SOMEHOW my bank account is full of money AGAIN!!! Thank you sooo much Jehovah who provides for us loser scumbags!

  • simon17

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