Do you believe in Miracles?

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  • Snoozy

    Do you believe in miracles? I know a lot of strange healings and such occur but why should it happen to one person and not another? Makes me doubt that real miracles exist..

    Praying for someone..why should one person be prayed for and survive and another one prays and doesn't God choosey?

    That would mean that the person with the most friends and the most prayers should win right?

    The whole miracle thing just doesn't seem fair to me..and it doesn't make sense..therefore..

    It must not exist.


  • talesin

    No. $h*t happens ,,, indiscriminately .... miracles? Perhaps, but for no good reason,,, it seems to be more of a 'toss of the dice'.


  • lifestooshort

    I dont know. maybe. I hope so.

  • smiddy

    Time and unforseen occurences ? yes

    miracles ? no


  • talesin

    Oh, I believe in Smoky Robinson and the Miracles

  • finallysomepride

    No I don't, I believe in good explainations


  • trueblue

    If you worry about stuff, it will only make matters worse. Someone may missunderstand you and treat you badly or you may give yourself an alser.

    Success breads Success.

    I remember working in an auto body shop working on cars and someone would notice that we been working on the same kind of cars all of a sudden and most guys think there something superstitious about that, it does seem odd all a sudden 7 or 8 cars the same make and model come through all of a sudden but to me it just wouldn't have been noticed if there wasn't 7 or 8 cars the same make and model didn't come through all of a sudden. That is about the best explanation I could come up with except maybe a customer that has a car the same make or model noticed there cars around simular to theirs and it incurages them to go ahead and bring there car in (the same make and model). I don't understand the deal there either except maybe they don't want to be showed up by their neighbor or what but I know working in a shop with no cars in the shop no one brings a car to be worked on. When times are slow I found out to just put a few cars in the shop and act like everything is going great because if you act like there a problem people will try to help you with your problem and keep you in a rut and you will have a harder time getting people out of the way so you can get your work done. (You might get a Jehovah's Witness tailing you HA' HA' them can be some pretty helpful little a$$ets can't they?, pain in the a$$ is more like it, if you pay them any attention that is...)

    Stay bussy and don't take any wooden nickles...

  • cantleave

    When people quote personal examples of miracles for their belief, for example,

    “My friend’s cousin had cancer and was given six months to live. She is still alive two years later so it must be a miracle.”

    They forget that this is simply an example of the “normal distribution”. Sorry, we have to make a short trip into maths here – well, statistics.

    A “normal distribution” is a graph which shows how certain things are spread across large numbers.

    A normal distribution curve plotted for how long people survive after being diagnosed with cancer would show At one end will be people who die almost straight away and at the other end will be people who survive for a very long time. Most people will be somewhere in the middle.

    So, someone surviving for a long time is not the result of a miracle, it is just because some people survive a long time.

  • Snoozy

    I agree Cantleave..

    And Trueblue that is just plain wierd..

    I guess it is possible for miracles to exist but would still think it is unfair for one to be granted and not another..


  • TheClarinetist

    Definitions of Miracle:

    1. A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.
    2. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment

    I definitely believe in the second definition, but I haven't seen/heard/read any credible evidence of the first.

    EDIT: It's kind of sad when going in and editing the HTML for something is easier than using the pre-defined buttons.

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