JWs continue to hold NGO Status within the COUNCIL OF EUROPE

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Not surprising. But I can't take swimming lessons @ the Y.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Just imagine the apostles Paul, Peter, and James meeting to apply to lobby for the Roman Empire. They turn over the stewardship money to bribe Roman officials.

    What would Jesus do? According to the gospels, Pilate gave Jesus a choice. Jesus declined to kiss axx. If he kissed axx, Jesus could forgo death by crucifixion. My mom was expelled from high school at fourteen b/c of neutrality policies. My uncles spent time in federal prison during WII. The sad part is that if these family members were still alive, they would refuse to discuss this info. and coddle even closer to the WT.

    Is this a small, humble Christian organization or a multibillion business?

  • thetrueone

    This whole NGO affair shows quite unequivocally that the leaders of this organization have set rules for themselves and set rules

    for the rest of the organization. I really do think this attachment to the UN has more to do than just getting libary access.

    Is there really any reason to trust what the WTS. does and says anyways, I don't think so, thats why I left it 30 years ago.

    The first I learned about the UN NGO membership was here. I was shocked. Now----------I don't even feel shocked anymore.
    The real organization is nearly opposite the organization I thought I was joining all those years ago.
    What do we need to do to get this circulating? I think with the attention in the UK, now is a pretty good time.....NC

    I think thats a Great Idea..

    JWN Sharks..

    Smell WBT$ Blood in the Water..

    It`s Dinner Time!


    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    They must be "Mentally Diseased"....

  • sizemik

    It's a double-whammy on the hypocrisy score . . .

    Firstly . . . they are politically up to their necks in the very activity they condemn as part of "Satans" beastly organisation, and prevent their own R&F from having any such involvement . . . Hypocrisy 101

    Secondly . . . they are using it as a way to campaign for "religious freedom" while they themselves are enemies of religious freedom through the cult-like controls they impose on current members and their treatment and vilification of past members . . . Hypocrisy 102

    They can go straight to the top of the class . . . on their way to . . .

  • smiddy
  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Deep Throat to Woodward and Bernstein: Follow the money! Personally, I doubt the Witnesses care about being good European citizens. What are they getting out of the deal? I am of a certain age now. My life was hardened by flag salute during the Cold War. Witnesses are in the world but not of the world - or so the little kids facing social stigma, or my mom losing any education, were told. What splendid goodies enticed Bethel?

    The UN NGO with literature distribution and airplane use chilled my bones.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    well so much for the explanation that once they learned of the new criteria for NGO's they pulled their membership..........for the US. Obviously they handled it the way they usually do. Lie about it, the publishers buy it, and then they move on and do what they were going to do to begin with. Same old tricks

  • jay88

    When in Rome do it for "God's Will" his "KIngdom Message"

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