JWs continue to hold NGO Status within the COUNCIL OF EUROPE

by AndersonsInfo 21 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • uninformed

    I swallowed their crap for 45 years. I believed their crap so much that instead of going to the Coast Guard Academy in 1965, I went to prison for neutrality in 1966.

    What a bunch of life ruining hypocrites!

    What an idiot I have been.


  • Scott77

    One important thing that I had like be done is for one of our members in the UK to contact an influencial newspaper like the Daily Guardian and present them with facts about the Watchtower contraditions. Iam sure, the publication will increase circulation to a new level. An interview with Mr David Atkinson would be highly appropriae to shed new facts about his dealing with this underground cult group.


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