Dr Laura Schlesinger Rant

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  • LV101

    QUENDI --- i've heard nothing about her being confronted about her biblical views and i agree these questions are good ones. wish everyone could see them! they are too funny. i don't care/endorse her belief system except w/respect to the protection of children --

    so glad he posted this.

  • talesin

    I've seen her confronted. She has lots of circular reasoning to deal with it. Maybe she took lessons at the KH.

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  • kurtbethel

    It was soon after this debacle and her failed teevee show that she jumped the shark and went away.

    Her calls on her radio show had a formula. Some dopey clueless woman would call and Dr. Laura would rip her a new one telling her to lose the guy or situation that was screwing up her life. A variation of that was the woman had a clue and would ask Dr. Laura about a course of action and the good Dr. would rubber stamp that choice. About a week of her shows and you had pretty much heard it all.

    She got knocked off her moralizing peg when some dirtbag web site owner obtained nudie pics of her from the 1970's and put them on the site for the world to see her very retro look. I will not start this thread on to the path to get it locked, but will only say two words. Weed whacker.

    Oh yeah, her son Derek, I was wondering when he would come out on the cover of Blue Boy magazine.

    Dr. Laura looks like the Star Trek salt creatureDr. Laura looks like the Star Trek salt creature

  • talesin

    mwah hahahaha!!!

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The response letter is very on point. I've seen photos of Dr. Laura and she dresses pretty much as a secular Jew. HBO ran a film on George Harrison this week. The head of the Krishna movement in England said the he teased George that he was a closet Kirishna b/c he did not shave his head and wear robes. As a huge George fan, I am delighted that he stayed in the closet.

    Isn't there some question about Dr. Laura's credentials? I believe the doctor has nothing to do with counseling.

  • talesin

    BOTR --- you are correct!

    She is also divorced herself,, so a double hypocrite for, as one poster said,,, 'tearing a new one' for all the divorced wimminz who call her,


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