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  • talesin

    Sooner,.,, Boomer,, what more can I say?

    Americans,,, take note! I am an Okie fan,

    and anyione who's not,,, is openin' up a big ole can of whup'ass!

    Yah,,, I'm throwin' out a challenge to all you Longhorn's!!!

    SO,,, what are ya gonna do about it???

    :D :D :D

  • crazyblondeb


    "HOOK EM HORNS"!!!!!!

  • talesin

    lol! excellent, crazyblond --- if I need technical advice, can I PM you? I am Cdn,,,, also, none of my local friends are 'into' football, so I am VERY reliant on my American friends to enjoy the game/season.

    I have been a Bills' fan for many years, but this is my first venture into College Ball! Who is your team??? You didn't say. I am guessing TEXAS ,,, cause you said "HOOK EM HORNS'"

    lol!!! this could get interesting of my b/friends is from DFW, and another is SOONER, so I will have to wrestle w/ divided loyalties! May the best team win.

    One of the many things I love about Americans, is their love of football. It's a RELIGION!! I GET IT! :D

    feel free to ed-joo-ma-kate me, crazyblond, by PM!, or here on the board. I'm ready to learn more about American-style f/b.

    We make good rivals, but a little private tutoring wouldn't make anyone upset (we have a diff. # of downs, and a few quirky diffs. so it would be much appreciated.)

    And I just have to mention this,,, but speaking of football players? And I hate to be a sexist pig!!!

    BUT ...

    BO KNOWS!!!!


    * if you don't know what that means,,, who Bo Jackson is ,,, then, guess what? I don't care *

    I only caught the third quarter last weekend, with that crazy last-minute TD... i'm new to American f/b .. but w00t!!

  • talesin

    sorry , I'm socially inept ... but a born'in JW so always learning. :)

    blonde, i would be honoured if you mentored me.. OY, now I really sound like a crazy mofo!


  • talesin

    but, hell ! My good friend is a SOONER,,, so doesn't that make us natural enemies?


    May I interject? GO BEARS!!! I am a HUGE sports fan and football is my favorite sport. I have to lol when I recall some brother telling me that I would make the perfect wife cuz I get into sports so much. Little did he know I liked "the other team" better ;)

    In the last few years or so I have gotten into college football, watching Tebow and McCoy. Since I'm a Michigan transplant and live near Lansing, I'm rooting on Michigan State (MSU) all the way baby. When I cannot watch the games, I tape 'em.

    BRING IT!!

  • Cagefighter

    The game is played about 5 minutes from my house. You want to go to the fair with me and watch the game Talesin. :)

  • palmtree67


    Gooooo, Rebs!!

  • Cagefighter

    <shakes head a Palmtree> UNLV have they ever done anything in football?

  • LV101

    Cagefighter: nothing great in football and still shakey there but there's hope for our basketball. and they'd love to have a pro baseball team here --- we have the B team (i don't know what they call it) for the dodgers, but no big deal. i doubt there will ever be another basketball team like we once had and a couple of those street boys are still doing great.

    palmtree67: UNLV --- yea!!! there's hope for our basketball team!!! UNLV's ratings were moving up the ladder for academics (rated no. 5) for awhile. business/engineering and now we have medical/dental school.

    you should have been here back in the basketball Rebel days -- omigoodness!! you've never seen such an exciting time in vegas!!! hopefully, it will revive.

    when you travel in europe just mention you're from LAS VEGAS and they part the waters for you.

    don't you love the weather here w/the exception of summer.

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