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  • LV101

    i think our engineering dept. is rated high. FORD MOTOR CO. instituted/chose UNLV. at one time we were rated no. 1 for hotel management, perhaps still no. 1, not certain. don't think we'll ever have a great football team w/all the outside attractions and VEGANS are into basketball i guess. i love football, too.

    it's rumored corporations are speculating heavily on VEGAS to relocate here w/housing so affordable for employees. the canadians have really flocked into the area choosing VEGAS over phoenix past few yrs.

    nothing more beautiful than desert sunsets!!! the beautiful pinks/purples/sherbet-coral sunsets are majestic over the mt. charleston mountains/red rock area mountains.

  • rocketman

    I'm not a Longhorns' fan, but come and talk to me when Oklahoma finally wins a BCS game.

  • Cagefighter

    LV101- This thread is about football, specifcally the world famous Red River Shoot out about to go down next weekend here in Dallas at The Greatest State Fair in the World. Stay on Topic puleeeeeeze.

  • palmtree67

    Hi, LV101!!

    I won't be living in Vegas until December, so I have yet to experience it fully.

    My man and I are HUGE football fans, though and we plan to support UNLV - I got the t-shirt already!!

    I've read alot about the struggles of the team and can't wait to see them play.

    Maybe I will bring them good ju-ju........LOL

  • DaCheech

    you're supporting big business?

  • Cagefighter

    You have to specificy your comments if you are directing them DaCheech. There have been multiple posts on this thread.

  • DaCheech

    I'm directing them at the person who started the thread!

    College sports is big $$$$$, look at how much $$$$ these big colleges bring in from them!

    I'm kind of rhetoricly speaking to people who are always putting down the big $$$$$ corporations

  • DaCheech

    and BTW, did courtney paris ever pay back her Scholarship $$$$?

  • talesin

    [email protected] dacheech --- NO! I am supporting my friend, who is from Oklahoma,,, and trying to have a bit of fun!!!!

    do you object? I love you, too. Please, lighten up!


  • talesin

    didn't mean to ignore all of yas having fun, but felt that needed to be addressed,,,

    and daCheech, you are welcome here, brother! :)

    Palmie,, so you are a total LV supporter of all professional teams there? OY, I can't stop drooling, thinking of the buffets!!!


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