The GB Knew What They Were Doing

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I honestly don't think they have a clue what they are doing. They are desperate, that's all.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    IMO all they can do is hold on to the suckers still in.

    Like I always say they are like an inbred family they have stifled the gene pool and can no longer attract those on the outside.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    mmm, maybe. But we will never know for sure.

    I can see it as a way of deliberatly rattling apostates and to strengthen the resolve of the rank and file against them. If that is the case then they may have also calculated some colateral damages in membership over the article, good riddance would be the attitude i imagine.

    But they may have underestimated to authorities and the media's interest and reaction.

    All in all though, in light of a number of things like the OSCE, hedge fund involvement, child abuse lawsuits, Victoria's WWC act, and other unnamed 'scandles', perhaps they just don't care what the reactions are... perhaps they really do think they can do and say anything they like with impunity.


  • Daniel Metz
    Daniel Metz

    The Governing Body knows that there are some of Jehovah's Witnesses, including elders and ministerial servants, who are hypocrites. They add their support to blogs of apostates. They read everything they can about apostates, to strengthen their resolve to have no faith in Bible, which they WANT to believe is the word of man and not of God.

    The Governing Body used the Bible's counsel regarding apostates on the outside to speak to closet apostates on the inside. The closet apostate named John in The Independent article got incensed by being called "mentally diseased" and a danger to others' spirituality that he contacted the journalist who wrote the article.

    The Governing Body knows very well that by saying NOT to listen to apostates, those who have no faith in Jehovah and who no longer pray to him for holy spirit will in fact listen to and read MORE of what apostates produce. They will "advance to more and more ungodliness", until the seraphs, who are in charge of the spiritual cleanness of the organization, expose what they are doing and they are called before a judicial committee. Or, if they are irritated enough because they know they are "mentally diseased" for pretending to be believers when they are not because they fear being disfelloshipped, they will disassociate themselves.

    Either way, they will leave, and Jehovah will give his spirit freely and strengthen their faith, because the hypocrites have left. This is what Jehovah wants, what the Governing Body wants, and what I want. A decrease in our numbers would be great, so that those remaining are only those who truly have a relationship with Jehovah.

    Then those who leave will be able to taste the freedom they so desire and enjoy it to the full. Some of them will finally taste Satan's world fully, get disillusioned about being independent of Jehovah, ask for his help and return, like the prodigal son. Others will stay away from Jehovah until their death, and possibly will have no resurrection because they knowingly chose to reject Jehovah's sovereignty, if Jehovah sees that there is no chance for them to reform themselves in the New World.

    This is the reason why I said I see Jehovah's direction.

    The collateral effect of a possible court case in the UK may be a secondary benefit. Jehovah's Witnesses never shy away from "legally establishing the good news", as Paul did. It is maybe time for the UK courts to consider our practice of disfellowshipping, as US courts have done. Whatever the outcome, Jehovah will make sure a great witness is given to his name and judges will find out the truth about us, rather than lies and distortions.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Daniel, what you smokin'?

    (Still wearing the blinders!)


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