So then, which publication did you HATE by the society?

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  • shamus100

    Both youth books. Talk about freaking lame. ;D

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    The thing I hated most about the Youth books was that they talked down to kids when the question was a legitimate one concerning abusive parents.

    They had nothing helpful, but rather, harmful when they said to just be better behaved and try to see it from the parents' viewpoint.

    It's the same counsel they use on battered women.

    Just behave and it'll be alright.

    Oh, and if as a kid you had sexual urges, then you were doing something to encourage it.

    Cuz if you were trying to fight the urges, you wouldn't have them at all, see?

  • Violia

    I guess Babylon the Great( I think we studied it 5-6 times) or any of the other heavy prophecy books. They were all so confusing.

    The school counselor told me the pink youth or book ( forget the name , this would be in the mid to late 80's ) was inappropriate for kids.

  • InquiryMan

    Worldwide Security Under The prince Of Peace stands out as the book I openly disagreed with in some parts.

    I was the book study conductor at the time, and when the paragraphs discussing the destruction of people at Armageddon, using terms like good riddance to them and explicit details on how they were destroyed, I just stated that we do not want to go into more detail of this. also I refrained discussing the option of going to other planets etc that was briefly touched upon in that book.

  • transhuman68

    Anything Fred Franz wrote. Was he full of crap or what?

  • Joliette

    I didnt really hate any books, but the relevations book got on my damn nerves growing up.

  • inbetween

    "keep yourself in Gods love"

    was one of the steps, that led me to finally look behind the curtain...when it came out in 2008, I quickly looked through it and was disgusted...

    a few months later I went online .....

    I also did not like the book about the prophets, I think came out 2006, oh and I was bored to death by the study of the Isaiah books....

    Revelation book, even though lots of crazy stuff, I kind of liked (well I sci-fi and fantasy ;-)

  • punkofnice

    Oooooh. This is difficult because ALL of them really spoiled my Bible reading.

    If I have to choose then it's the 'Survival' book. It was full of absurd typology.

    You know, weird stull like; the mouse in the wainscotting in Jeptha's trailer pictured the great growd eating oreo cookies at Jar Hoover's Taco Bell in the sky up my butt.

    Or similar. You get the picture.

    PS. I tried to make this USA friendly!! (Insert smiley face & LOL).

    UK version. The mouse in the skirting board in Jeptha's caravan pictured the great crowd eating bourbon biscuits at Jar Hoover's Little Chef in the sky up my bum.


  • irondork


    Your Youth Getting the Best Out of it

    Ugh, ugh, ugh. We kids were terrorized by our father making us study this book on Wednesday nights. ACK - the memories of that...I think I shall require a drink now.

    Masturbation and Homosexuality. Oh, how I obsessed about that chapter as a kid. Couldn't keep my hands off Jr. and I just KNEW that was why I had such a crush on Bart Andrews in the fifth grade.

    The publication I disliked the most was the Keep on the Watch brochure. Not so much because I disliked the subject matter, but the presentation was lousy. Choppy. It didn't flow. It made me reread sentences in order to figure out what they were saying. I remember when we studied it at bookstudy even the reader tripped up on some of the unflowing'ness of the sentence structures.

  • Leolaia

    Hated: Youth book, School brochure (ugh!!!), Climax

    Loved: The Aid book (read it cover to cover four times and got my interest in all things Bible started)

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