So then, which publication did you HATE by the society?

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  • finallysomepride

    all of them, all so boring piles of turd

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I hated anything to do with prophesy because it was just way too complicated and boring.

  • factfinder

    I cannot relate to any of these posts. I liked the society's publications. I especially loved books such as:

    Is This Life All There Is? not only did it interest me when I was new, but when my Mom died it brought me comfort. I have often wished the society would publish an updated version of it.

    You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth- the most excitement over a book released at any convention I attended.

    Organization For Kingdom Preaching and disciple Making

    Worldwide Security Under The prince Of Peace

    The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life

    As for books I found boring, well the YPA book, YY book and family life books.

    The Isaiah books and the one Timothy mentions- I did not read them. I think the Keep Book is obviously designed to create control by using fear & guilt.

    But I did not HATE any of the society's books.

    I got bored with the Revelation Climax book- because it was studied ad nuaseum- I was no longer attending the BS the time the revised edition was studied.

    I loved the Creation book and Reasoning books!

    My experiences as a witness must have been much different than everyone elses. And I left for feeling I did not belong-no friends or family in the cong. Not for doctrinal issues. I left in "good" standing. Of course certain elders looked down on me at the time for missing way too many meetings. Anyway sorry if I wrote too much or went off subject. I never heard anyone say they HATED the books before. I'm starting to feel I no longer belong on jwn-there seems to be too much hatred against the wts and jws.

  • factfinder

    @AGUEST- I know you have reasons for feeling as you do but your experience in preparing for baptism seems different from mine. I got baptized in 1978- the elders had me answer each question in MY OWN WORDS- they would not let me just read the printed answers in the ORGANIZED book! I felt like I would fail the test! But I guess I answered them satisfactorily.

    You hated the LIVE FOREVER book? I loved it! I was so happy to offer it door to door.

    I guess my experiences as a witness were much different than everyone else. I have not been to meetings in 6 years-is that why I don't feel the intense anger and hatred that most here feel? I sense so much bitterness-I don't have that, I don't think. Do I still belong here? I feel like an alien- I don't want to be a witness but feel much different than most posting on jwn.

  • talesin

    Haven't read the posts on this threaad (sorry peeps), but even as a teen,, I hated and found BORING,,,the ASLEEP magazine.


  • factfinder

    I agree about g! I did find AWAKE! to be boring. I much prefered the w.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Fact Finder,

    You left in good standing.

    But, just try getting back in good standing.

    Bet you'd be put through the wringer with the 3rd degree about your life outside the walls.

    So, you didn't read the prophesy books, except for Revelation?

    Those books are much more boring than Revelation.

    At least it had pretty pictures.

    I preferred A! to WT.

  • ReallyTrulyAthena

    TimothyT - I detested:

    Your Youth Getting the Best Out of it

    Ugh, ugh, ugh. We kids were terrorized by our father making us study this book on Wednesday nights. ACK - the memories of that...I think I shall require a drink now.

    ~ RTA

  • watson

    Gotta go with the "Grand Climax" book. And, oh God, I think we had to study it 4 or 5 times. Then when they had us paste over the old light....LOL

  • factfinder

    @White Dove- I have a feeling if I were to return to meetings it would be just as you say.

    I read the older prophecy books: The Nations Shall Know I Am Jehovah- How?, God's Kingdom Of A Thousand Years... etc.

    I am not saying some books were not BORING!!!

    I just did not HATE any!

    Most witnesses I knew did prefer g to the w.

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