Why Are So Many Witnesses So Weird?

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  • factfinder

    A lot of people are weird! i have met far more weird non witnesses than weird witnesses!

  • ziddina
    "We had some that were (and still are) 65 year old mama's boys. They never got married, weren't gay, just weird. ..."

    And THAT would be my baby brother....

    Born into the cult; ignored my urgent warning to "get the HELL out" when I was leaving myself, ignored my warnings about the way our parents (both good little Jehovah's Witnesses...)were parasitically attaching themselves to him and sucking the life out of him...

    Segue forward some 30 years...

    He's still going to the Kingdom Hall, still having dinner with the parasites - er, the parents - every night, still unmarried, has NEVER dated, and is on the verge of suicide every few months or so... Or so I've heard, the last time I spoke with my parents - 20 years ago...

    Meh. He was their 'favorite' child, their little "golden boy". I'd say he's earned what he's received, since he never bothered to listen to my warnings...


  • i_drank_the_wine

    I remember we had this one scraggly old sister that did too many drugs in the 70's and literally almost had a stubble mustache and goatee, give a comment stating how in paradise Jehovah is going to put the nitrogen back into the soil to make the earth perfect again.

    Another guy that who was already weird got even weirder after being hit by a car walking to the kingdumb hall. He would do the microphones somehow, and frequently during the paragraph reading, not realizing he's holding the mic on his chest near his mouth, start mumbling his thoughts out loud to the congregation until the WT reader would stop reading and the conductor would have to call his first name out from the stage to get his attention.

    Also had a kid at my cousin's hall who acted like a choir boy to everyone publicly, but would do pranks for his friends like accidentally clear his throat during a comment and try to say a curse word with his throat-clearing, sort of sneaking it in there, then continue his cherubic comment. He also used to brag about how he'd masturbated in the kingdom hall bathroom. Sadly I too considered doing the latter LOL.

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