Why Are So Many Witnesses So Weird?

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  • minimus

    LHG, the elder was single and ate at everyone's house and he often would come around suppertime. He would intrude on everyone but he wouldn't allow you to use his bathroom while in service!

  • drewcoul

    I don't think there are any more weird JW's than there are in the general population. However, as JW's we had limited contact and association with the general population. We associated with witnesses because we could only associate with witnesses, even though the people we associated with weren't necessarily people we would choose as friends if we could associate with anyone we wanted........

    Not sure if that made much sense, but it's my $.02

  • outsmartthesystem

    OK - Many witnesses are home schooled....meaning they are taught at home by their uneducated parents. So they are less educated than the masses. Being homeschooled means they don't have to function much in society. Even those that went to public schools only conversed with the worldlies as much as they had to. After school it was bible games and conversing with those within the congregation....using loaded language and religious symbolism that only witnesses understand. We were told not to date unless we are ready for marriage. We were told not to get married because the end is around the corner. We were told not to masturbate. We were told that we should only watch PG movies and play video games that don't involve even a hint of violence (for many that ruled out Mario Bros). We were told that liking particular sports teams could be seen as showing too much pride which would be unloving and could cause divisions. We were told that having posters of sports stars or even wearing their jerseys could be seen by others as idol worship. We had a strict routine of reading all magazines, studying for meetings, doing personal study, going to meetings, preparing for field service, going in field service, preparing for meeting parts etc. We were told that we need to despise and revile the very day of our birth and those of our loved ones.........etc............

    Tell me. If you were the brother that listened to all the counsel given and was 1)homeschooled 2)only functioned in society because he was forced to as an adult 3) stayed inside his Truman show type bubble of security 4) Never dated or married 5) refused to flog the dolphin for fear of turning himself gay 6) prayed after watching "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" because it was too violent 7) detested sports 8) engaged in every last "spiritual" activity the organization said he should............................exactly how normal do you think YOU would be?

    This organization breeds crazies

  • LongHairGal


    In a way I can understand him not wanting JWs to use his bathroom while in service. I wouldn't. I knew of JWs who lived near a hall and they either wouldn't answer their door or had a sign. They were tired of the nuisance. Who wants to be a pit-stop for people stopping by to use your toilet???

    Let somebody in a car group have keys to open up the hall so the friends could use the bathroom. They have no business bothering JWs in the territory. However, this elder you mention was odd if he never had anybody over his place, ever. Not even as a friend?

  • NomadSoul

    I'm still weird...

  • minimus

    LHG, ok....but HE ALWAYS used their bathrooms. Practice what you preach, no??

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    To start with, I don't think that the JW's theology & way of life would appeal much to anybody, unless they already had some sort of emotional issues.

    Then, for the reasons that outsmartthesystem has listed above, these problems are only added to once a person commences Choosing the Best Way of Life - as one of their late 1970s books described the Witness way of life as being!


  • minimus

    So, those with emotional issues are more apt to become JWs?

  • ziddina
    "Why Are So Many Witnesses So Weird? "

    Because they're in a cult...??

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Just as flies are attracted to a manure pile (restricting ones language to that which is polite!)


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