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  • jamiebowers

    We had an electrical fire at our house in January 2007 and had to stay at a hotel until repairs were finished. I couldn't do my work at home job without long distance phone service, so I spent my days surfing the net. Although I'd been out of the cult for 20 years, my anti-Watchtower exposure was limited to silentlambs.org. Curious as to what other information was out there, I looked up Jehovah's Witnesses and found this site. After the initial cult indoctrinated fear of apostates disapated, I spent hours of laughing and crying over the posts. I really started doing lots of reading some months later when my dear brother called to tell me that he was no longer a jw.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I started lurking a little over ten years ago. Honestly I thought a lot of the posters were angry and had issues. It took a while to figure it out

  • factfinder

    I'm not sure but I think it was in 2003- I found Randy's Watchtower News site, and it often led to this site, but I did not realize what this site was until a few years ago.

  • factfinder

    @One Day-

    I would have been upset if I had witnessed that D.O. yelling like that too. I was out in fs one day with an elder and he started telling me his boss is an asshole! I was shocked-here we are in Jehovah's holy work preaching door to door and an ELDER tells me his boss is an asshole. I told him I could not believe he said that. His answer: but he is! He saw nothing wrong with using that word! Another elder said "shit' in front of me and warned me never to say it! Once he heard me say "crap" (worse curse word I used back then!)- he got mad, grabbed me, pulled me into the bathroom (we were at his house) and tried putting soap in my mouth!

    I found out about the NGO/UN thing from a Watchtower News link to JWN. I guess it helped me finally leave the witnesses 2 years later, but I was tired of being one by that point anyway.

    I have found much interesting information thanks to this site! But, the constant anti-watchtower critiscms sometimes seems too extreme to me and I question if I belong here.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I quit going to the KH in 2004 but sadly the conditioning was so strong it took 2 yrs for me to type jehovah's witness in a search engine and look at the results.

    I had done this before I even left the hall but just the thought of the sites and the fear the WT$ conditions in us prevented me from looking.

    Finally after being out for 2 years I had the courage to examine why I had abandoned the religion of my youth...I have never looked back.

    Oh and this was the 1st site I visited.

  • d

    My first was in March of 2010. I was reading on info of the Jw's in case I was confronted by one of them at school.I then read all of you life stories and in November 2010 I created an account.

  • Devil_Fish

    some one close to the MP Kingdom hall case told me that word was spreading over the net about the case and that the plantiffs were being called "The Menlo Park Two" I wanted to find out what was being said about the case online so I googled "Menlo Park 2 Jehovah". I stumbled upon Juan Viejo's post about the case. Causiously, I joined and sent JV a pm.

    I was a lerker for a wile after that, and now I post on JWN here and there. I was really given a creative licence during the Mad Sweeny interview when JV named me as one of his annonomous contacts that is fairly close to the case.

    I have been able to do a lot of helpfull reaserch here and on other sites. Google is my best friend, and probably WT's worst enamy. There is a reason they discourage the R&F from looking at the internet. WT can't control the Information, Really no one can. WT can't keep secrets any more, and lies become difficult to conceal.

    I finally had the opertunity to meet JV in person recently, and was recived as an old friend would be. I find that the people that frequent this site, Yes even the JW's are kind, and caring even if misguided at times. I feel more comunity with all of you then I ever did on the inside of a KH.



  • skeeter1

    I was interested in blood and Jehovah's Witnesses. I typed it into google, and came to www.ajwrb.org. I was blown away. Then, I found jwfacts.com . I somehow met or talked with some high apostates after e-mailing them with questions. Alan F. and Barbara Anderson were both kind enough to talk with me on the phone. Barbara mentioned this site as a site where I could meet other people like me who can help. I found friends (and a few who jokingly want to DEET me). That was 2005.

    Glad you are here.

    Sorry for the bastard.


  • clarity

    First of all Oneday, I enjoyed your experience!Thank you.


    A head honcho guy that I met along the way, was basically the same ... so disappointing to say the least!


    I thought my doubts were because my faith wasn't "strong" and so it took a long time to finally breakdown enough to realize ... something is really wrong here!


    The last Generation overlap did it!


    It was late at nite when I typed in Jehovah's Witnesses & omg look at all the jw stuff.

    Someone had told me about Six Screens of the watchtower, so tried that. Well, just about scared the bejeebies out of me .... at that time there was the erriest, demonized music (loud) playing on the site, wow I couldn't click fast enough ... thought those demons were going to come out and haunt me .


    Anyway, next day start researching in earnest and was horrified at what I found. It was all a fraud.

    Lurked for months and have been here a year and a bit!


  • oppostate


    I appreciated your telling the experience, but please tell us who the D.O. who said that was...

    I had something similar happen to me but at a District Convention.

    Who was the D.O.?

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