City Overseers discontinued immediately 9/16/11

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  • designs

    That is an odd development. AK, you are right they are the local snitches. I wrote a letter to the Circuit Assembly regarding their accounting methods always being in the Red and the guilt tripping that they put the friends through because of this fake accounting method. Boy the Letter I got back from the City Overseer could have self-ignited! I was then persona non grata in the circuit, all priviledges removed, I worked security (parking lot detail). Locally I was no longer called on for prayer or reading the Watchtower on Sundays. Every CO and DO knew who I was and Bethel did a followup.

  • MrMonroe

    Designs, that's really funny. I'd forgotten abut that: in both New Zealand and here in Australia the circuit assemblies always did an announcement about how much i debt they were, and (in the early days at least) I'd feel guilty and put another lot of money in the box. You're saying they had distinct accounting methods to always ensure the circuit assembly fund was always in debt? Amazing.

  • cantleave

    It was a pointless and thankless job. They did a bit of assembly admin / organising but not much else.

  • designs

    Mr.M- Yes they intentionally send the Wathctower more than they collect to automatically put the account in the red and force by guilt the friends to ante up more and more, its terrible. The other part, if you remember, is what they don't tell the friends ie how much the utlities cost per month, maintenence costs, rent or mortgage payments, none of it. In my Letter I suggested they tell the friends these costs and how it averages to each Publisher in the Circuit so that everone can budget properly like you do at home. Wrong, that's not their goal, they want to leave it obscure and guilt trip people of modest means into spending more than they can afford.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I'll bet Circuit Overseers all over the world are jumping for joy! In my limited experience, the City Overseer (at least in my area) had much better connections with Bethel than the CO did and any CO that would go up against him on an issue would be overruled.

    The city overseer I knew would also work with the local assembly hall and was generally a coordinator between the local circuits. There was nothing that he did that the District Overseer couldn't do.

    Maybe it's part of the rumored realignment of the DO/CO job?

    To me it's similar to when they got rid of Bethel Elders a few years ago. What did they really do anyway, right? So why not eliminate the position. It's one less thing for local elders to fight over.

  • Quarterback

    I they should of been called the Deficit Overseer, all along.

  • sir82

    Very odd....

    It seems that was a really quick decision.

    Less than a month ago we got news that a new city overseer had been appointed for our city.

    If they were planning to drop this for a while and were just waiting for "the right time", say the beginning of a service year, surely they would have at least stopped appointing new city overseers in the months leading up to the cutoff date.

    But now there is a letter saying this is an "immediate" change? No reason was given?

    Don't know for sure of course, but it sounds like a reaction to something threatening.

  • Quendi

    It is also interesting to me that this deletion was not publicized to the rank and file. Doing so might have raised some embarrassing questions. Since all of these positions are supposedly filled by men appointed by holy spirit, then what does their elimination mean? Did Jehovah make a mistake? Was the organization "running ahead" of him when it created the position in the first place? Does the former city overseer move into some other office that will be created? Does his removal from the position indicate some spiritual lack on his part or the office? I'm not saying that many people would even raise these issues, but a few might.

    When my uncle served as Cleveland's city overseer back in the late 1980s, he confided to me that he was given the job because he was living in retirement and could devote the needed time to it. Nobody else wanted it. And, as I posted earlier, his duties mainly were following through on magazine subscription renewals. None of the other things mentioned by other posters came under his purview, for which I'm sure he was most grateful. I have to agree with sir82 that this sudden change without any advance notice signifies some disquiet within the organization's upper echelons. Maybe one of our Bethel "moles" can give us the real scoop on what is going on with this.


  • designs

    Back when Food was served at the Circuit Assemblies (we even had an Ice Cream machine at our Assembly Hall) the City O. had some work in getting supplies together and all, but what does he do now, turn on the HVAC and stock the Bathrooms with toilet paper

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