Mass defection possible?

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  • skeeter1

    I have an orange shirt! I'm in!

  • factfinder

    I doubt there would be a mass defection.

  • Jesuit Scholar
    Jesuit Scholar

    Sounds more like a 'coming out day.'

    I totally support a concerned and "I've had enough of this" Jehovah's Witness "Coming Out Day"

  • metatron

    In order to consider such an idea, we would have to find some example or illustration, within the organization of a mass defection.

    I would say, in my experience, this sort of thing is only possible from a manifest leadership crisis. It's not enough to have elders who hate each other, you need open conflict to wreck a congregation.

    If you can figure a way to cut off the cult leadership, you can generate a mass defection. So, let's say:

    1) a huge lawsuit forces them to drop their cultish 'Chain of command' structure. C.O.'s lose control of the cult

    2) an open split emerges on the Governing Body

    3) Endless trouble and a Country Club atmosphere at Headquarters cause the Governing Body to become apathetic.

    Improbable or not, that's all I can see. Jehovah's Witnesses are profoundly, FOLLOWERS OF MEN. Why else does attendance jump whenever the C.O. comes to town? Cut off the cult leadership and you've got it.


  • aristeas

    Maybe they don't qualify as a mass defection on one day, but the borg's history is full of times when large numbers left: when JFR took over, 1975, 1980. They've survived them all with little more than a ripple. Of course, you can always live in fantasyland and dream...

  • factfinder

    Explain what the large numbers who left after 1975 are, please. I have seen only 2 years of decreases and they were;



    as discouraginging as it was to see the number of publishers go down, these were not large decreases. And in a few years there were rapid increases again.

  • flipper

    I will repeat my comment from pg. 1 - I do not believe there will be a mass defection within Jehovah's Witnesses. These people are too mind controlled by the WT society. They live or die with the " organization ". There may be mass suicides or mass deaths promoted by the leadership in time- but not mass defection. Even if the WT leaders did something illegal- the spin on it would be that the world is " persecuting " them. My 2 cents once more

  • Rabbit

    And...WHO here really believes the Watchtower actually gives out REAL numbers ?

    If, *I* was King of the Watchtower...I'd never release bad numbers, like a deep decrease in members. Right?

    That kind of news could bum out the and make 'em get restless...start asking those pesky questions.

    Remember The WT Golden Rule = Never, Ever Under Any Circumstances...Embarass Mother Watchtower !

  • JimmyPage

    mass defection on the anniversary of ray's passing...

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Defection? For those of you who still believe in God, how about PRAYING FOR A CLEANSING OF THE GB. Kick those bastards out! I'm serious! 2 Thessalonians 1:7

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