Mass defection possible?

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  • stuckinamovement

    There are many of us who are trapped within the religion and are looking at leaving. I was wondering....

    If there was an organized and well publicized effort to leave the organization en-masse on a certain date yet to be determined, how many do you think would participate?

    One person leaves the org and it creates a small ripple. A family leaves the org and it creates a splash. However if there were many people worldwide who left at the same time it would be a tsunami.

    Just curious


  • leavingwt


  • mrquik

    That would be great to see. Kick the Koolaide stand over!!



    The JW`s will go into Siege Mentality..

    Another sign of Armageddon..One more reason to stay with the WBT$..

    The WBT$ is in serious Doo-Doo..

    If governments decide to Prosecute for Hate Crimes


  • agent zero
    agent zero

    very very unlikely to happen simply as a planned date. if at all, it would just happen as a natural consequence of the momentum off something like we're experiencing today with those two articles being published and now spread worldwide. today is an exciting day on the board!

  • skeeter1

    It would be really cool if it could happen.

    But . . .

    The decisions for each one to leave would be self-countered with reasons to stay. It would take immense courage to leave, as each person will be relying on others to also leave. It's like women in a country that allows wife abuse. There are more women in the country, so all the abused women could ban together and put an end to it. But, each woman is herself afraid to make the change due to the consquences in her family. But, if she could get past her own concerns and act as a hero on her own, collectivally, all of them could make a difference.

    What would be neat is if everyone who was trapped in, wore a certain color, on a certain Sunday to the KH. I don't know what is a good color to pick. But, say a color that isn't worn alot - like yellow or green. A yellow tie or a green dress. It would allow the trapped to meet the trapped. But, if elders questioned, then there could be some theocratic lying (e.g. Oh, I just happened to have worn this color. I didn't know what was going on. I don't read apostate websites - do you?). I might even dress up in the color and attend our local KH to support everyone else.


  • leavingwt

    Where else would they go?

  • flipper

    I don't think a mass defection would ever happen because as Outlaw says ( which I agree with ) the WT society would go into ( siege mentality ) claiming it was Satan & apostates persecuting the organization causing it all to happen. Then they 'd try to rally the troops ( rank & file witnesses ) back into formation telling them not to miss any meetings, service, or assemblies in order to withstand the alleged " persecution " by apostates leaving. The WT society would instruct elders everywhere to exert strict disciplinary measures towards any dissenters.

    I believe that small defections work better with a family here, a family there , several people here, several people at a time there. I think we will see a gradual decrease and a slowly downward spiral with people gradually exiting. But with that being said - How do we know that the WT society would be honest in reporting declining numbers even if it were truly happening ? I'm sure they'd go into damage control putting out false figures just so the Witnesses wouldn't panic . Just my 2 cents

  • jam

    Maybe this is not A good comparison, Germany.

    After the atrocities were reveal after the war how

    many remain and beleive in the Nazi party , doctrines

    and practices. Many became ashamed after they

    realize the damage that was done to mankind.

  • LostGeneration

    Too hard because of the "herding cats" factor. Many have valid reasons to stay such as employment, an inheritance, dependent on others (parents or spouse).

    Others have discovered the "real truth" but can compartmentalize enough or agree with just enough of the doctrine to tolerate straddling the fence.

    Very few have the option of stepping away without receiving long-term scars, especially on a given date.

    That being said, the "churn" in this religion is really starting to take hold. Old ones dying, young ones leaving, or young ones staying in but leaving a double life and not commited at all. Add in technology like the internet and the rock is being pushed to the top of the hill, slowly but surely.

    I don't ever expect the b0rg being taken down, but negative growth could be a reality within 5 years, and that will be nearly impossible for the WTS to reverse.

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