What do you think about Pentecostal People?

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  • LV101

    ahhhh, thanks, ZIDDY!

  • Violia

    They seem to be trying to clean up their image- at least in this area. Known in the past as as " holy rollers" ( reference to speaking in tongues and rolling on floors in hysteria) they are sometimes laughed at by mainstream Christianity. Lately I found out that a number of the ND ( non denominational) churches in our area are really Pentecostal. If you have heard of the Four Square church, that is Pentecostal. They are known for very conservative dress , which includes usually no make up or jewelry and long hair ( females).

    We went to a senior center a while back and they advertised a ND Bible study.We took the bait. It was obvious within the first 5 minutes they were Pentecostal b/c of the number of times they mentioned rapture. We were so disappointed b/c we just wanted to find a ND Bible study where all were free to share. I did like that this Bible study at least used the Bible . The conductor restated our answers to agree with their interpretation of the scriptures.

    The search for a ND Church continues.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I think the Penticostals come in different forms.

    The one I went to was only politically conservative but liberal the rest of the way.

    I saw all kinds of modest clothes and jewelry on people, and I wore my nose and tongue rings there all the time.

    That was at the AG Church.

    There was no strictness what so ever.

    Born agains from many different religions believe in the rapture.

    It's a basic teaching in the Bible, if you weren't a JW, that is.

  • Violia

    I talked with the conductor at length after the meeting and yes, they were Pentecostal. growing up folks would laugh at them b/c the women all had long hair, no makeup, no jewelry, and drab long dresses.

    Anyway, I have no interest in them . They sound just as legalistic as jws.

  • Diest

    I believe the four square churches are based around the common love of a wonderful playground game.

    As for pentecostals, I rank them as more irritating than witnesss and mormons, but less cult like.

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