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  • GOrwell

    I posit that Teary has watched the Seinfeld episode "The Jimmy" way, way too many times..

  • Devil_Fish

    Thanks for all the documents. some may prove helpfull. If you run across any more that you feel might be interesting, I would be interested in reading them as well.

  • See See
  • IMHO

    Just had a quick look at the 'safety video'.

    Could anyone tell me if there is such a thing as 'theocratic constrution' as it must have been mentioned a dozen times in the few minutes I watched.

    Isn't 'construction' just 'construction'!

  • Janice
  • ScenicViewer

    Hi Janice, and welcome to the forum. I noticed your post did not take. If you are using some versions of Internet Explorer there can be problems, but it seems that Firefox works pretty well here.

    Others can give better advice I'm sure.

  • Diest

    So this is really what brought down Mega....

  • muppets

    Please, sent for me the PDF

    United States Kingdom Hall Designs-Color

    because the website can't acess. Please, post again in sendspace.

    Thank you very much!

  • wifibandit

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