Jehovah the Pedophile

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  • cantleave

    Shador - you beat me to it!

  • Joliette


    Jehovah is bipolar. First he preaches unconditional love and 'rightness' then he preaches that its okay for boys to sleep with men.

    Make your mind up Jehovah!

  • thetrueone

    As of all gods of the ancient world they were fictitious imagined as source of strength (power) and understanding of the world

    they lived in to the people who imagined them. Human ignorance of the world we also live in today created the many gods of the past and still

    do to some civilizations. Yahweh of the ancient Hebrews was just one of these fictitiously created gods.

    There was much suspicious hatred and aversion between tribes or civilizations in the ancient world.

    If you were to conquer over another tribe with the appeal of your particular god and you succeeded, then that would cultivate

    a sense of confidence that your god was indeed with you on your endeavor, which would strengthen your self image of yourself.

  • i_drank_the_wine

    Hah, that's a great video; watching it now. As a kid I never understood why Jehovah massacred people that just happened to be born in a different nation than Israel. As far as I know, it's not like anyone really has a choice as to who births them. I just wish I'd acted on questions I had much sooner than my 20's!

  • MoneurMallard

    Shador, the Dawkins quote is brilliant, however, one of my favorite descriptive terms is left out, and perhaps the most glorifying attribute of the YHVH figure...


    There are several more videos if you all liked the Jephthah one, available on the Non Stamp Collector's channel as well as mine. NSC has some great takes on biblical blunders...

    IF you get a chance to, watch "Bible Quiz Show"... I just figured out how to do the HTML embeding I think, it's actually more simple than what I was trying before....

  • MoneurMallard
  • ProdigalSon

    Ahhh the liberation that comes from critical thinking.....

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