Last Weekend Ever (according to OBVES) Whatcha gonna Do?

by LostGeneration 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • transhuman68

    OBVES is one of the Watchtower's walking wounded. He should sue the Borg for damages, and use the money he gets to pay for some serious couch time. A head-shrinker would have a field day with OBVES.

    Just a normal carefree weekend for me.

  • Heaven

    Whatcha gonna Do?

    Laundry. Grocery Shopping. Housework.

  • finallysomepride

    Damn good weekend here for me

    New Zealand Warriors just won against the Melbourne Storm Excellent game


    most importantly New Zealand AllBlacks thrashed France in the Rugby Union World Cup

    Go New Zealand

    if this is the last weekend its been a bloody good one

  • LostGeneration

    bttt..hope everyone made good use of the last weekend ever! OBVES is officially on the clock.

  • mrsjones5

    Two more days...til the next backup date.

  • mrquik

    It must be true. I'm taking the fact that Buffalo beat the Pats this weekend as a sure sign of the end. (Which will most likely start with the destruction of all those crazy drivers in Boston.)

  • LostGeneration

    Well Obves, we made it through to another weekend! Good thing you CYA and have backup dates for us all.

    Another weekend of beer and football for me!

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