I started a new relationship

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  • LostGeneration

    Proceed with caution. Ask her a few pointed questions about the Book of Mormon, maybe along the lines of "Why isn't there a single shred of archeological evidence supporting the stories in the book?" If she freaks out then she is probably already under mind control. They treat that book like witnesses treat the publications, like it is the word of God himself.

  • Iamallcool

    Greenhornet, I found a Ex Mormon Forum for you, http://www.exmormonforums.com/

  • Greybeard

    Ask her how she feels about you having multiple wives as Mormons do. If she is ok with it, JOIN!

    Hey wait a minute... I didn't say that

  • greenhornet

    Thanks every one. I,ll check out the foram.

    I love the internet. Powerfull tool. I love this foraum because I have a lot in comen with you guys. Even I never meet you. Well most of you.

  • Ding

    Sorry to tell you the LDS is just as much a cult as the WTS... both started in the USA in the 1800s... still going.

  • straightshooter

    Glad you found a girl friend, but be careful. The Mormons are just like the JW org. They will love you, but are very controlling. They have also have some very weird beliefs.

  • nateb

    Yes. Many eerie similarities between LDS and JW. An important question to ask yourself is what's she looking for in the LDS church? That will tell you a lot about where she's coming from. Good luck.

  • greenhornet

    Wow, Holy Sh*T, looking glass of Joeseph Smith. They are worse than the JWs. I can not join the foraum. Can not read the security code.

    I just read the threads. I dont know what to say to my girl friend. I am in shock.

  • greenhornet

    Re: met a girl freind I hope this works. This is the exmorman foraum of my question.


  • rebel8

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