beards - the truth on the matter?

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  • skeeter1

    I once read a lawsuit about firefighters. They sued becuase the fire department demanded they shave. The department claimed that a shaven face was needed for the fire/oxygen masks to work. The men sued becuase it disciminated against certain black/non-white men who couldn't shave due to some medical condition. Anyway, I forgot the whole story and even which side won. But, perhaps the WTS doesn't enforce this at Bethel against Hispanics/Arabs due to fear of being sued for not giving a 'reasonable accomodation."

    Skeeter (who has no gruffies)

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    When I was a Bethel 40 years ago, only black and Hispanic brothers, so I was led to believe, were allowed facial hair. The blacks due to the problem of ingrowing hair and the Hispanics for cultural reasons.

    So it was said.


  • jamiebowers
    Maybe we should shave our heads too so there will be no arguments about how long hair can be....

    The elders jumped in my brother's shit about his shaved head...told him it looked too "military like". When he asked why nothing was said to black brothers about the subject, the elders said that it was different with them and offered no other explaination.

  • punkofnice

    It is now used as 'mileiu control'. Yet another pharisee rule to CONTROL! RULE or ruin.

    As note above, legend has it that Boozerford despised Charlei Tazers-a Rissole who had a beard, so in typical drunken bully fashion banned them. Boozerford himself was clean shaven.

    How the drunken sot managed to hold a stropping razor without cutting his own throat is a miracle. Proof positive the Oily Spirit was directing things.

    Personally the cut his own throat seems a better option on reflection.

    How happifying!

  • wobble

    The whole attitude to dress and grooming that is "acceptable" has become a joke, you can spot a JW for miles, because they look wierd !

    How does looking really strange and outdated work to their advantage in the DtoD work ?

    I am glad to say it does not,hence lots of doors remain firmly shut, as the JW has been I.D'd as soon as he hove in to sight.

    The funny thing is, I have identified a number of stratas within the fashion choices of Dubs, and they are to do with their status within the Borg, ordinary Publisher, Pioneer, Elder, CO/DO, all dress slightly differently, but in a way that identifies their status.

    They nearly all do the "Pioneer Shuffle" when walking between doors, so just from the walk they could either be lowly R&F or of the GB, except you won't see the GB doing DtoD unless the moon is blue.

    The beards thing is just another part of the lunacy.

  • designs

    The Society wants the Brothers to look like the GOP Candidates...

  • DaCheech

    I agree that it was rutherfords attempt to take russel worshippers and make them his own

  • ProdigalSon

    The no-beard policy of the Watchtower is a tradition, just like it is with the New York Yankees. It's all about an image. And we know all about Pharisees and their traditions/image.

  • free2beme

    I heard several things as a Witness, as to why. However, the one that came up the most, was that it happened in the 60's when hippies were associated with the beard look. So it was instructed by the society to avoid what was considered a look of rebelion. Any how, I think it was just because they wanted brothers to not look like that most recent version of Jesus. It would make the woman think they were all Jesus sexy like, and cause a lot of evil sex.

  • wobble

    I wore a beard whilst I was a MS from 1975 to 1988, didn't get any of the "sisters" throwing themselves at me, even though I must have looked quite Christlike, if someone encountered me by surprise they often exclaimed "Jesus !".

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