beards - the truth on the matter?

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  • ekruks

    your thoughts on the real reasons behind the stigma of beards.........................

  • N.drew

    Got one! If beards were allowed, then arguments of "how long" would ensue.

  • 00DAD

    Who knows, it's just so stupid the miniscule things they gotta' control about other people. Even the last WT article on the subject is what, 50-60 years old!

    I mean, seriously, how does this stupid rule make sense??? Jews in Bible times weren't even supposed to NOT have a beard. Russell had that God-awful bushy mess of a beard.

    Probably Knorr or somebody couldn't grow one, and "Dammit, if'n I can't do it, nobody can!"

  • dontplaceliterature

    N.drew hit the nail on the head. Maybe we should shave our heads too so there will be no arguments about how long hair can be....

  • N.drew

    What used to puzzle me was how they can believe it is so important to know the message they have, so important it means life and death, but at the same time discourage people from coming to the meetings because coming they should "look just right". No, it wasn't a rule that visitors must be shaven and well dressed, but people have feelings.

  • drewcoul

    This is one thing I NEVER understood. I could understand a brother having an unkempt, poorly groomed beard being counseled about it, and perhaps not being allowed to speak in front of the congregation from the platform. But Even Russell had a beard, but although I saw a number of pictures of him, as well as the commandment from Jehovah to the Hebrews that they must keep their beard, I never heard the beard issue addressed.

    The WTS always talks about using the Hebrew scriptures to see Jehovah's view on matters, and get principles as to what Jehovah views as acceptable, they never touch on the beard issue.

    Do they really think that a brother with a properly groomed beard is somehow displeasing to God when God himself COMMANDED his followers to have one???!!! It makes no sense, and I'll bet they would be hard pressed to come up with an answer for it if they were asked.

  • Vanderhoven7

    This is a critical issue. How can Jesus save anyone with a beard?

    I remember Garner Ted offering an important booklet to the World Tomorrow TV audience back in the 70s entitled...

    Seven Proofs That Jesus Had Short Hair.

    Can't get much more important stuff than that.

  • thetrueone

    Jehovah Witnesses are always been groomed and indoctrinated to be door to sales people or public speakers for the WTS Corporation, that being the case

    the appearance for each of these individuals have been carefully formulated to give an outward appearance of wholesomeness seen by the public.

    No there is no requirement stated in the bible that men should shave off their beards.

    Nothing to indicate that this act is pleasing to god, but why would he since he created man to have beards in the first place ?

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I have had one off and on for years now. Since I rarely attend meetings I don't get any flak for it. BUT...And there is ALWAYSW a BUT, isn't there. When I was "IN" and serving as an attendant my mustache reached down past the lip line and I was counseled for it by one elder. I asked him just how I should trim my mustache and he suggested I look at the service overseer's mustache and use THAT as my example. I sort of chuckled and he said that I am lucky to be Hispanic. He asked if I knew that if I was at Bethel I would be one of few who are allowed facial hair. Apparently only Hispanics and Arabs in the org cvan even grow a puny mustache at Bethel.

    I had a cousin who when he was alive wore a beard for many years and was allowed to go in service, but was denied an eldership because of it. So the hypocrisy of it all is pretty staggering. Imagine, there are scriptures from the OT that they use to this day to condemn homosexuality and even the idea of a man or woman dressing in the others' clothing, but they skip the one two pages away that demands that a man NEVER cut off his beard.

    I read somewhere on this forum that Judge Rutherford HATED beards about as much as he hated CTR. There is no biblical basis for not having a beard. Just another watchtower stone to throw at someone that does not fit into the collective.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    It may have its origin in Rutherford's distancing himself and his servile brothers' appearance from that of Russell and his contemporaries. In Thirty Years a Watchtower Slave, Wm. Schnell recalls that a European branch overseer (or some such) asked FJR for a new printing press and was told he could if he shaved off his beard.


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