Some snot nosed dubbie.....

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  • bafh

    I hired a JW woman who was and still is a pioneer who embezzled from me. I fired her of course. But she lied about that and also about the embezzlement itself. She is one of those who asks the "brothers" for their opinion about everything in her life, is not a deep thinker and is as a result a True Believer. She does in fact have severe emotional issues and if she ever thought or found out that JWs were not "The Truth" would likely be one of those who would end up in lock up. bleh.

    ~ bafh

  • Adso

    When I worked for an elder it always bothered the non witnesses that worked for him how shonky he was. Bible standards and morals went out the window when money was involved. He does more damage to the org than any apostate could.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Snot nosed dubbie yes... but that is the best of his qualities. He is actually an ungreatfull lying selfish little brainwashed thief. Hopefully someday he'll wake up to how the Watchtower is using him and how it has made him into the self-righteous little creep he has become and he'll feel embarassed about it. A lot of people on this forum are embarrassed about the way they acted when they were JWs.

    Nothing wrong with Carrot calling him out on his turd like behavior

  • LongHairGal


    JWs are not above stabbing other people in the back when it comes to jobs. I know a story of somebody who had an upcoming job interview somewhere and made the mistake of telling this good news to some JW in the hall. The next thing this person hears is that the son of this JW went there to inquire about a job as well.

    Of course, they could always say "maybe there was more than one job", but that is not the point. Bottom line is that they cannot be trusted.

  • watersprout

    Wow I can't believe some of the things you guys have posted about double crossing dubbies! They never stop surprising us with their self-righteous behaviour.... We think that the clique of window cleaners in our old hall have been telling SND that it's ok to take Nick's work because his customers haven't seen him for a few weeks and he doesn't go to meeting's anymore... It's ''Jehovah's'' way of blessing him! Yeah right!

    Carrot asked him if he had taken anymore work and SND stuttered out ''No''.... Hmmmm we will see! I doubt he will try it again, but I think some other dubbies in that hall will try it.. Some nasty little snots.


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