Some snot nosed dubbie.....

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  • watersprout

    Today Carrot phoned really angry, one of his customers saw him and said ''Oh Carrot I haven't seen you in a while (Carrot does window cleaning on a weekend to bump up wages.. Gotta love being uneducated) I saw that younge man that used to work with you and I asked him if he had seen you and he told me that he was taking over your work, as you weren't doing it anymore''... Carrot was like WTFrick!!!! He explained to his customer that ''no, I am still your window cleaner and I will be round next week''... Anyway the customer was really angry as Carrot is very well respected by his customer base. She said that she would be phoning this snot nosed dubbie and telling him she doesn't want him anywhere near her windows.... Lol

    Carrot phoned SND (snot nosed dubbie) and SND couldn't get up his own backside far enough... He was very apologetic and very embarrassed!

    I mean what goes through their heads?? When SND had left school and needed a job Carrot took him out with him so he could earn some money and Carrot could get all his work done! Carrot always helped him out and this is how he is repayed?? Good grief how low can they go!?

    Peace *shakes head in disbelief*

  • ABibleStudent
    watersprout - I saw that younge man that used to work with you and I asked him if he had seen you and he told me that he was taking over your work, as you weren't doing it anymore''

    Sounds like SND is elder, DO, or CO material. I am glad that he was caught in his lie.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • watersprout

    SND is only 20 years old... He was made a serpent when he was 19 and ended up stepping down as he couldn't cope with the pressure. His parents are psycho dubs and I do think they are the motivating force behind him... He was a lovely kid but since we became ''apostates'' he seems to think he can take Carrots work just because he is ''above'' us spiritually! LMAO!

    Peace to you and yours.

  • bafh

    Wow, that is some really twisted thinking - that just because they don't see you at the Hall, you must not be functioning at all. Good for Carrot to fight back. So inappropriate. JW social retardation really shines through again!


    he told me that he was taking over your work, as you weren't doing it anymore''.

    Theocratic Window Washing Strategy..


  • watersprout

    Yeah apparently we don't exist! Plus ''apostates'' are not worthy of earning any money to eat and keep a roof over their heads!

    It shocked me that SND thought it be ok to steal Nicks work... It's not like Carrot is a pushover, he knew he was taking a risk... Must have though Jehovah was on his side. Lol


  • watersprout

    LOL Outlaw!


  • cedars

    I'm a bit confused by the thought of vegetables climbing up and down ladders, but I will say this: I was once a window cleaner, and it is NOT an enjoyable profession.

  • watersprout

    Cedars you have made me laugh... All I can envision is a giant Carrot climbing up a ladder! I have tears rolling down my face!

    Carrot hates and I mean HATES window cleaning, but unfortunately he has to do it on a weekend to support wages... Hopefully not for much longer otherwise he will lose his mind. He used to do it full time and it was terrible...


  • Finally-Free

    That's standard procedure among window cleaning dubs. When I was pioneering I had a few knee and back injuries, and immediately other pioneers were out trying to canvass my work. This happened 4 times in total. JWs love to kick a guy when he's down.

    After that I adopted the motto, "if they can be assholes I can be a bigger one", and I made it a point to go after their work whenever possible. One elder made the mistake of confronting me with it. Then I focused only on his customers. Since I was never under contract with anyone there's nothing they could do.


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