Sad and hilarious at the same time.

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  • N.drew

    Shador, you are hardly old enough with enough experience (it seems) to be able to come to the conclusion that the Bible is in no way inspired.

    I think atheism and the belief that the bible is just another book (bunch of books) is reason that many Jehovah's Witnesses choose to remain

    such. I am very happy to admit I believe everyone else should believe as they want to, but to lean on your own believing as the truth is something

    the Bible warns against, and to teach against what the bible is saying is not wisdom. (I admit that the understanding of the bible might still be

    at infancy stage). The end can hardly be near when humankind can't agree on the Bible and what it says.

  • serenitynow!

    N.drew, I don't think that it is up to anyone to determine whether a person is old enough to come to one's own conclusions regarding god/spirituality. At what age should a person be able to hold his/her own views regarding god/bible/spirituality, etc?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    For N drew I understand your need to defend and protect the bible, but you should not demean ones questions of its shortcomings. You are engaging in what witneses do when their beliefs are challenged and they have no answer.

    If anything the fact that someone ' hardly old enough with enough experience' can come to such a conclusion is telling about the bibles authenticity. I have always maintained you cant get out of the book of Genesis without finding serious flaws.

  • N.drew

    She wrote "no evidence of divine inspiration whatsoever". No evidence? By my post I am not only defending the Bible but also 2 thousand years of Christianity. Also, I said, believe what you will, but to publicly say not inspired at all is showing one's self to be anti-christ, no? And, in case anyone in the Bible is historic and believes they heard a heavenly message, you say "no you didn't". FU David, FU Moses, FU Daniel, really? You don't care if I view You anti-semitic? I do care.

  • N.drew

    serenitynow, there is no age limit. I assumed rightly or wrongly that Shador is young, compared to me, very young, I'm sorry. To be a believer one recognizes that faith effects the whole life. To come to the conclusion and rest on it is sad. When someone voices it, or posts it, one has to wonder how that one can be so sure, I did not blame her or demean her, but once a person has decided, even if all the evidence bumped right into her, would she ignore it, because she has already made a conclusion? Wouldn't that be sad?

  • ambersun
    They do not look to any human, but rather to Jesus Christ, as their leader.
    They neither follow a human nor isolate themselves from the rest of society.

    Ambersun pauses to wipe spluttered coffee off her laptop screen

  • Shador

    Hold up. Let's just back up here a second, missy.

    First off, the proper pronoun is he.

    Secondly, age has nothing to do with the evidence. I'm 30, btw, and I honestly don't give a flying fuck how old you are.

    Third, I'm pagan, not atheist, though I was an atheist for a time. Either way, I could give a shit less if you think I'm an "anti-christ" For the record, Christ seems like an okay guy. It's his followers that piss me off.

    Four, I have studied the Bible and, more important, I have studied ABOUT the Bible. (Most scholars will tell you that Moses, by the way, did not write the first five books, they are compliations from a much later time. The Gospels likely weren't written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John either.) I see no evidence of inspiration in the Bible or any other "holy" book, not even my belief system's own Edda. Largely holy books are 1) history and 2) morality tales (the morality of which may or may not be applicable today).

    Five, unlike religious fanatics, I am willing to change my view if sufficient evidence is given. I note, interestingly, that you have not bothered to provide evidence of the "divine inspiration" of the Bible, only unfounded assertions.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I think I may have this figured out. N drew is our old friend alice.

    As far as Alice er N drew complaint against shador use of 'no evidence of divine inspiration whatsoever' Shador is right. The bible has as much proof of divine inspirartion as the WT does that god picked them in 1914 and that christ is ruling from heaven.

    If you wish to live by the bible cool but recognize that it does have its shortcomings.

  • N.drew

    The evidence is prophesy fullfilled. There is a spiritual place of cause and effect, it can hardly be proven and if someone was to keep a detailed diary of events meeting and complimenting one another, whose to believe the diary? It's vanity. There are thousands, millions, of situations in which the scriptures proved alive, so what? Sorry I called you a girl, your picture is a girl? Unfounded assertions? I must not know what that means.

    Without a basis in reason or fact. Isn't that what you did? Did I do it too?

  • N.drew

    Am I alice because I fell down the rabbit hole, or do you claim without basis in reason or fact that I was alice and came back as Ndrew?

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