Everyone has an opinion

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  • shamus100

    Perhaps what I want to say does not come across well here - that with a sense of reality that I try to project. If I have offended anyone I am sorry. Message boards are terrible at projecting sarcasm.

    There is a line, though - nobody is perfect and not everyone gets along with everyone in real life. It's healthy to be relatively comfortable with yourself and your personality even with it's flaws.

    IMO, message boards are lousy at getting to know the 'real' you. When you are not in a room looking directly at someone it is very easy to be rude, crass, or just obnoxious. (kiss the monkey! )

  • Nickolas

    Pretty insightful, for an orang.


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I like Don Cherry but I also realize he is full of shit. He is a flamboyant blowhard but that is what makes him so entertaining. As Nickolas said he has made a career out of being outrageous.

  • talesin

    But then . . . was he really being honest? . . . or deliberately provocative?

    deliberately provocative

    He was a mediocre hockey player, not a great coach, and has made a broadcasting career out of being a loudmouth blowhard. I was SOOOOO happy he was mostly unseen during this year's playoffs.

    Vis a vis the cheering from the audience, would be interesting to know where this was taped (ie, was it western, central or eastern Canada?). Certain regions have become quite Americanized in many ways of thinking, including zenophobia.



    Can't agree with Don Cherry entirely. Personally I think a Lorry battery would be better.

  • PSacramento

    There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, we ALL have them.

    Sure some are more informed than others, soem based on facts, others base don someones elses opinion, some opinions ofr enlightened than others and soem that we have because we wanna be "contridictory", others we have because we wanna be "correct".

    Don is a loudmouth, that is his charm and what he gets paid to be.

    Don't like it you can ignore it and turn of the TV/radio or turn the channel.

    We all LIKE to think that we have educated opinion that are formed based on our intellect but the honest truth is that we have opinion that we agree with and very few times do we research them THAT DEEPLY.


    Because we LIKE and AGREE with the opinions that we LIKE and AGREE with.

  • AGuest

    I only take offense (may you all have peace!) to the extent that, like so many, Mr. Cherry seems to believe that terrorists only come in the middle eastern tribal nomadic version. Had he included some of the others, I would have probably seen his POV. For instance, had he said something like:

    "If hooking up one terrorist prisoner's testicles to a car battery.. regardless of whether they wear turbans... afros... teeny-tiny mustaches that look like skid marks above their top lips... or blonde buzz-cuts... to get the truth out of the lying baby killers will save just one Canadian life, then I have only three things to say: 'Red is positive, black is negative, and make sure his nuts are wet."...

    In such a case, I might not be "mad" at him... because it doesn't show any bias as to the terrorist(s) he would do this to. But this ridiculous notion that only Iranian/Iraqi/Yemeni/Somalian/Arab/Palestian/Saudi Arabians are terrorists... is utterly ridiculous. Terrorists come in ALL colors, from ALL races, countries, and nationalities... and do not limit their targets to Americans, Canadians, the French or English... or even to the western world.

    I mean, the bombing of the Alfred Murrah Building was a TERRORIST act (was it not??)... by a U.S. national. A former Marine. Yet, no one wants to talk about that. Okay, so the building was a big... and it was only one... and less people died. Even so, the comments as to... and efforts to eradicate... "terrorism"... should include ALL terrorists, and not just those whose eye, hair, skin, religion, nationality, language, and culture... is different.

    With all of that said, however, that Mr. Cherry said what he did... is, what, par for his course?

    Just sayin'...

    Again, peace to you, all!

    SA, on her own...

  • shamus100

    I don't blame people for being mad at him - I just say think of the circumstances of when it all happened, and think of it as a gut reaction. ;)

    It is true, there is no real excuse but I don't see him making the same comments today. And he had better not either - nobody would tolerate it.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    My opinion, the comment was over the top.

    There are more dignified ways to convey the same sentiments.

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