A warning for all from Totally ADD

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  • Cadellin

    Get better soon and send some chocolate-covered old-fashioneds our way!! I love those things, especially when they're slightly crunchy on the outside...Mmmm...

  • Glander

    ADD, I have learned the things that 'stove' you up in our age bracket is when you perform a new task and use a set of muscles you don't use in your regular activity. Plus, when you rent a jackhammer or cement mixer, etc. you naturally go at it relentlessly. I used an industrial size, backpack leaf blower that I wore for about 5 hours. I had back spasms for 6 months.

    Let me guess. You are putting your donut shop in a retail space that was not a food place previously and are trenching for plumbing and maybe power. Was there an existing class I exhaust hood or do you have to put one in? Are you working with a restaurant equipment company or just buying used stuff?

  • TotallyADD

    Godd questions Glander. Yes it was not a food place before. The concrete work is because the entrance sidewalk was all heaved up and for me to get insurance it needed to be replaced. The only trenching will be about 1 1/2 ft. deep and 10 foot long for a new sewer pipe I have to put in a new hani-capp bathroom. It already has power with a 200 amp. box. I just have to redesign some of it to meet my needs and no I do not need a class I exhaust hood just a standard exhaust fan to get the heat out from the oven. I was offered a new restaurant equipment package with everything I needed for $120,000. To much for my blood so my wife and I hit the internet and used equipment companies and auctions. We now have all our equipment and signs (which is above the cost of the equipment). All for about $19,000. We still need a few things but not much. A little elbow grease and paint gives you almost like new stuff. To all of you I wish I could send you some donuts. You will all just have to come and visit us. Today I am feeling much better ready to go out and hurt myself again. LOL Totally ADD

  • nugget

    so sorry to hear you have been laid up .Get well soon and rest for an extra day rushing back too soon may do you more harm.

  • skeeter1

    I am so sorry to hear this. Don't let it get you down. Have you seen today's 20 year olds? Too fat to life anything but a joystick! I'm sure you can still outwork a bunch of those soft bellied twirps. In the meantime, I hope your body and soul both heal.

    If you are worried about muscles, please consider joining a gym. The personal trainers are super friendly and will help you get started, alot of times for free. There are guided weight lifting classes too. You'll be a much better 60 year old, 70 year old, 80 year old, 90 year old, etc. if you get out and do something each & every day. How about a tennis club? Great exercise too.


  • talesin

    ADD --- don't feel bad because of your age! When my ex-husband was in his 20s (a strong and healthy lad), he roto-tilled my dad's backyard for him (clay), and he suffered the same repercussions. I had the same experience after shovelling gravel for a few hours. It's not work the human body was intended to do. Glad you are feeling better now, and that you didn't do any major damage to your back.

    All the best with your business venture. :)


  • Glander

    So you are just going to do baked donuts? No fryer?

    Natural gas for cooking? A 200 amp panel @208 3ph is not much. Have you calc. all your equipment draw, refrigeration, mixer etc.?

    Sorry to be nosey. Just interested. PM me if you have any questions. I designed and built every kind of kitchen you can imagine for 30 yrs.

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