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  • TotallyADD

    It has been four days since I have been on JWN. Why you may ask? Because I am not as young as I used to be. As many know my wife and I are opening up a donut store. Will to save money I have been doing all the remodeling work. I am very capable to do all this work the problem is I am 57 years old. Yes I am still very healthy and strong but a very special tool did me end this last tuesday. I had about 200 sq. ft. of concrete to jack hammer up so I rented a jack hammer for a half a day and jack hammered the concrete up and then loaded it by hand on our trailer and disposed of it. The quy who worked at the rental company was amazed that a person my age could still do this kind of work. At the time of his comment I was still feeling real good and I told him I was still very strong for my age. Here Is The Warning. I found out jack hammers being used by 57 year old men who do not jack hammer all the time get hurt. I woke up the next day and could hardly move. I mean I was so sore it hurt to go to the bathroom, walk, move or sit down in my chair. Just now I am starting to feel better now and I am able to move with very little pain even though it stills reminds me it's there if I move the wrong way. Hopefully by the middle of next week most of the pain will be gone for I have to pour concrete into the space I jack hammmered out. When you are dumb you are dumb and I was really dumb. At 57 years of age I may still be strong but I will never touch a jack hammer ever again in my life. I did go to the doctor but he felt all I needed to do was rest. That's very hard for me to do because I want to get this business going as soon as possible. So the lesson I learned was be very very careful when it comes to hard physical work it could hurt you real bad if your are not careful. A year from now I will be laughing about this but for now I find myself a step closer to becoming old. Totally ADD

  • ambersun

    I do hope you feel better soon TotallyADD and I wish you and your wife every success with your donut store

  • paulnotsaul

    A wise person learns from their mistakes. But a wiser person not only learns from their own but others mistakes a well. Thanks ADD! I'll remember this advise 'old man'. Hoping you a speedy recovery. peacegrampa paulnotsaul

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Oh you poor thing!! I hope you feel better soon!

    PS. I took you for being younger.

  • baltar447

    Don't feel bad, I'm in my thirties and even when I was in shape, doing something jarring like that when you're not used to it you ARE going to get really sore. So don't be too down on yourself. Take it easy!

  • poppers

    Take some nice long soaks in a hot bathtub, and if you have access to one with jacuzzi jets even better.

  • HappyDad


    I know the feeling. I've done a lot of hard physical work in my life but the past years just find me in front of a computer in my consulting job. In a few months I will go on Medicare. That 65 figure is looming ever closer. I'm still somewhat strong but constantly gaining weight and feeling less robust these days. A hard days work would most likely lay me up for awhile.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Sorry, ADD:

    I understand; I believe you commented on my thread a few weeks ago about hard work being hard on us. I still work the same line of work but at a quarter the former hours. It kills me. Last night I slept 12 hours! I never do that.

    Getting old isn't for sissies, but thank God the New World is near at hand ... is imminent ... will soon be here....


    CoCo Epuise'

  • cult classic
    cult classic


    Ouch, Feel better soon... I recommend soaking, soaking, and soaking in warm water and healing salts...

    By the way, I love glazed and plain cake donuts, yum!

  • mamamo

    Hope you get to feeling better soon! It sucks to get old, but the other alternative ain't so great!

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