Governing Body Member Ted Jaracz cornered at Convention and asked about Pedophile database

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  • Richard_I

    Bumping this for more to see, this happened some time during/before 2002. Also here's a higher quality video (skip to 0:43 for the interview with Jaracz if it doesn't start there):

    And a transcript:

    Reporter: Tell me about the database. How do you justify keeping a list of people, men in some cases who have confessed to pedophilia, but you have not reported them to the authorities? What justification is there for you to keep that list?

    Jaracz: You know, you're from Britain. You have a privacy law. You have a directive from the European Union. You observe that, don't you? Well...

    Reporter: So when allegations of abuse are made, it's alright to keep them private?

    Jaracz: I think you were answered. The question was answered and it should be to your satisfaction.

    Reporter: Could you answer it now?

    Jaracz: I'm not going to repeat. I'll just tell you exactly that you can go and you will see it in writing. It's all in print. You know, the Bible says, "Do not go beyond the things that are written." We don't go beyond the things that are written.

    Also this thread has some discussion on it too ->

    To me, this video really shows what sort of cold person Jaracz really was. Also, I doubt anyone with a camera will ever get that close to a member of the GB near the stage again, they would likely be tackled by all the attendants situated around the stages now.

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